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GTA Youth City Builders

Meet our GTA cohort

Future City Builders is an immersive Evergreen initiative for youth aged 18-29 to effect positive change in their communities. Through Evergreen’s new Virtual Design Thinking labs, networking opportunities, workshops, and mentorship, youth are prepared to take action within their communities. At the same time, they are building job-ready skills, increasing their professional networks and gaining important work-related experience that will serve them well into their careers.  

In its second year, Future City Builders is focusing on Healthy Cities, equipping youth to lead innovative solutions that address the systemic barriers facing Canadian communities. 

Future City Builders is funded by RBC Foundation in support of RBC Future Launch. The Future City Builders program is an initiative of Future Cities Canada, a national collaborative platform accelerating innovation to transform cities.

After months of brainstorming, planning, discussions and workshops, the youth city builders presented their innovative concepts for creating a healthy Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.

Read more about the winning team's concept: NeighbourGood.

Watch the entire pitch night event video.

Greater Toronto Area 2020-2021 Cohort

person smiling at camera with greenery behind them

Anita Ifeadi, Project Coordinator

person with long dark hair wearing a pink top smiling directly at camera

Lorina Hoxha, Project Coordinator

person in a field of ragweed looking down at the plants

Ariel Banner

Person standing in front of a chart

Avery Pullara

person in summer clothes standing in front of train tracks smiling at camera

Brianne Lee

person with black hair wearing a white tshirt smiling broadly in front of fall foliage

Brontë Mutukistna

person wearing a black shirt standing against grey background looking at camera

Cassandra Cipriano

person with long hair and a nose ring at a beach smiling at camera

Celina Lucarelli

person standing on a train platform taking a picture with a phone and smiling

Christina Baldanza

Person with long curly hair wearing a sundress at a park

Claire Dreyfuss

person wearing a bright red shirt with a jean jacket sitting next to a bike on a hill during sunset

Crystal Crawford

person wearing a white collared shirt with arms crossed smiling at camera

Daniel Tse

person standing in a park during the summer with a dog on a leash smiling

Daven Boparai

person looking at camera while holding an umbrella on a rainy, cloudy day

El Martinez

person wearing a plaid shirt holding a bunch of kale in one hand smiling at camera on a sidewalk

Emily Woehrle

Person wearing glasses and a jean jacket looking into camera with a city skyline behind them

Faith Joy Autillo

person with long brown hair wearing glasses smiling at camera

Gemma Johnson

person wearing a bright orange shirt with long blonde hair laughing

Geneva Calder

person sitting in a restaurant with a plate of food in front of them smiling

Ivanne Cheng

Haron Qudoosi

person sitting in a window frame with an ocean behind them

Jody Chow

Person wearing sunglasses standing in a forest with a waterfall behind them

Josh Paull

person with long dark hair wearing a white jacket standing in front of an old stone building

Laura Hernandez

person with long hair wearing a green shirt and white cardigan smiling broadly in with trees behind them

Ledia Gamil

person on a bike wearing a helmut looking behind them smiling

Liza Mishko

person wearing glasses and a tshirt with arms crossed smiling sitting on a field of grass

Mackenzie Rogers

person with long hair leaning against a banner smiling widely

Maddy Lawrence

person with long hair wearing a white top smiling with the ocean behind them

Michelle Tran

person wearing a grey shirt with a backpack standing and smiling in front of mountains

Olivera Dragojevic

person sitting on a rock wearing hiking gear in front of mountains

Oscar Soederlund

person wearing a blue collared shirt smiling at camera

Paul Watson

person wearing white tank top with brown curly hair smiling at camera in front of trees

Rebecca Arshawky

person wearing a summer dress and white sneakers standing in red archway

Ria Perrault

person wearing a dark tshirt and jeans with a lanyard standing next to a giant pikachu

Shelby Payocyoc

person wearing a cream shirt and black blazer with glasses and short ginger hair smiling

Zhanina Bregu