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Wiigwaasi-Jiimaan: Birch Bark Canoe Build

Image credit Mike Ormsby

Wiigwaasi-Jiimaan (Birch bark canoe): The culture and tradition of the canoe and its sustainability.

Watch artist Mike Ormsby and his team as they construct a traditional Anishinaabe birch bark canoe at Evergreen Brick Works this September through Toronto Arts Council’s Animating Historic Sites program. Viewing is free and open to the public during designated hours. 

Aside from the actual building process, through the culture and the traditions involved, the canoe can be a means to understanding much more about both Indigenous & non-Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island. This is especially true for our shared histories, and where we can go from here. These vessels are also an example of what humans can accomplish when they work with nature rather than against it – being connected to the earth and nature.

Mike Ormsby

This project is part of the Toronto Art Council's Animating Historic Sites program at Evergreen Brick Works.

For more information regarding school visits, please contact school@evergreen.ca.

Dates & Times

Last Date: September 23, 2017

The canoe build will be on display to the public from September 11 to September 24, 2017 from 10am-3pm daily.


Google Map of Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto ON

Young Welcome Centre at Evergreen Brick Works
550 Bayview Ave, Toronto ON, M4W 3X8

Wheelchair accessibleThis event is wheelchair-accessible.