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Order Your Seed to Sprout Box

Pre-order a box filled with seeds, soil and kid-friendly activities to grow your own edible sprouts at home.

Boy holding plant while watering can waters it Image: Natta Summerky
Top image caption: Image: Natta Summerky

The Seed to Sprout Box has come to an end, due to the limited supply of seeds sourced from our suppliers and gardens at the Brick Works.

We hope you have a great gardening season, and look out for new programs when they're announced on our social channels!

Seeds have everything they need inside of them to grow up to be happy and healthy sprouts. They just need your help! Learn how to grow plants from the very beginning of their life cycle.

Your Seed to Sprout Box includes everything you need to grow your veggies and herbs, plus My Seed to Sprout Activity Book, filled with games, quizzes, crafts, and more!

With Evergreen's beloved children's programs suspended to slow the spread of COVID-19, this new box lets you take the fun and nature-based programs from the Brick Works home with you.

Seed to Sprout: What's Inside

My Seed to Sprout Activity Book: Games, quizzes, crafts, and more! Learn how to grow your sprouts from seeds, and more about how seeds play a role in the wonderful, natural world around you. 

The activity book includes connections to the Ontario science curriculum related to habitats, soils, food chains, the water cycle, and more. Intended for Grades K-5. 

8 packages of seeds to grow your own food: Seed varieties could include, but not limited to:

  • Sunflower, amaranth and corn seeds harvested from the gardens at Evergreen Brick Works
  • Tomatoes   
  • Greens 
  • Herbs

1 bag of "Soil Enhancer": Vermicompost made at Evergreen Brick Works by the Worm Wranglers volunteer program.

1 bag of soil: For your seeds to grow in!

8 compostable pots: A home for your seeds!

How It Works:

1) Your Seed to Sprout Box is put together with seeds, soil and lots of fun educational activities.

Your Seed to Sprout Box includes everything you need to grow veggies and herbs plus a Seed to Sprout Activity Book. The items in your box are sustainably sourced, with seeds from some of Canada's most respected producers along with vermicompost made right at Evergreen Brick Works and seeds from our very own gardens.

2) Order your box through our online store by signing up for a time slot.

Each Seed to Sprout Box is $50. They must be pre-ordered and paid for in advance through our online store. There is no option for payment at pick-up. Proceeds go directly to support Evergreen's children's programming, and building resiliency for Evergreen as a not-for-profit.

3) Pick up your box at Evergreen Brick Works.

The pick-up location will be in the South Pavilions, where the outdoor Saturday Farmers Market is usually held. To limit the number of people at the pick-up location, a maximum of 25 order pick-ups are permitted every 30 minutes. Please help us limit the number of individuals by arriving at the pick-up location alone. Evergreen will have protocols in place at the pick-up location to ensure we all maintain recommended levels of social distancing.

Dates & Times

Last Date: May 2, 2020

Saturdays from 1pm-3:30pm. 25 orders per 30 minute time slot.

Prices & Fees

$50 per Seed to Sprout Box.


Google Map of Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto ON

The Pavilions at Evergreen Brick Works
550 Bayview Ave, Toronto ON, M4W 3X8

Wheelchair accessibleThis event is wheelchair-accessible.