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Housing Trivia Pub Night

We're reaching out to all housing aficionados to come learn about and test their knowledge on all things housing!

What % of renters voted in the last municipal election? How many people are on the waiting list for affordable housing in Ontario? How much funding has the Federal Government earmarked for housing in the last budget?

Does your hand shoot up at any of these questions?

If so we have the perfect evening for you! If not, this is the perfect place to learn!

Join us on November 20th during National Housing Week for a housing trivia pub night! You've read the articles, retweeted all the tweets, you live in a perpetual state of angst when thinking about the housing crisis. Come and prove your housing chops while making new connections to create a better housing system for all. The night promises opportunities to earn serious bragging rights and win some sweet prizes.

Reconect with old friends and meet new ones who share your passion for housing issues. Whether you've just recently sparked an interest in housing or you've been involved for a long-time, everyone is welcome!

CHF CanadaEvergreenSocial Planning Toronto, and the Wellesley institute are kicking off National Housing Week by bringing you a night to network, eat and drink, all while showing of your housing knowledge.

National Housing Week is a moment for Canadians to come together and acknowledge that safe, affordable housing is an integral part of strong thriving communities. CHF Canada, Evergreen, Social Planning Toronto, and the Wellesley Institute have teamed up to bring you this trivia pub night to blow off some steam and make new connections as we all learn to join our voices to speak up for a better housing system.

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November 20, 2017 | 7:00pm–9:00pm

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No One Writes to the Colonel
460 College Street Toronto, ON M6G 1A1