Nature Play in The Children’s Garden

Next date: October 22, 2016
Evergreen Brick Works | Children's Garden
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Nature Play in The Children’s Garden

Next date: October 22, 2016 | 10:00am–4:00pm

Nature Play in The Children’s Garden

Photo: Mike Derblich

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$5 suggested donation

Join us for Songs, art and stewardship as we explore the shift into fall during Harvest month in the CG. Weekends in October will be celebrating the arrival of fall in the Lower Don through the eyes of different plants and animals. We'll be learning about the incredible seasonal bounty all around us, sharing in the joys of cooler weather and the return of fall colours to our trees. See below for a list of themes week by week for October.


October 1&2 | Animals

Fruit and seed loving Animals are our focus this weekend as we explore the lives of the incredible creatures that call the Lower Don Watershed home and rely on the fall harvest from the valley's plants and trees to survive the coming months of cold. Join us in the Children’s Garden for an exciting day of squirrel themed animal crafting and mouse sized worlds, as well as songs and stories celebrating the amazing creatures, big and small, which make their diverse livings harvesting wild fruits and seeds in the meadows, forests and wetlands of Evergreen Brick Works.

October 8&9 | Birds

Honk! Honk! The fall migration is under way and it's the perfect time to start paying close attention to the arrival of flocks of feathered friends from far and wide as they make their way south before the arrival of swirling snows and frozen waterways. . This weekend we'll be learning from the birds around us about how they move, what they eat and where they live!  We'll be helping to show the birds our support by offering food, water and a safe resting place.

 As well we will take inspiration from and give our thanks to a very special bird this weekend in our art project in the hopes that we'll see it's return to the Lower Don Valley and hear it's gobble again very soon after an absence of many years.


October 15&16 | Plants

Come celebrate the summer harvest as we dedicate our fire pit to creating delicious recipes out of our bounty of local plants! We'll also be thanking the many insects that helped pollinate them by creating habitat for them to overwinter in the Children’s Garden as well as winter proofing our incredible pond by moving our aquatic plants indoors for the winter.

Join us for art and song as well as a chance to learn about the many uses of local plants as food, medicine and shelter as we make take home tea bags and honour the plants that filled the garden with their colours and scents all summer long. 

October 22&23 | Trees

Reds, yellows and oranges—the leaves are changing all around us! Join us as we learn about seasonal change through the eyes of our friends the trees. This weekend we'll be learning all about the amazing transformations taking place in the forests of the Lower Don and exploring how we can use this new pallet of colours to create incredible and inspiring ephemeral art in the Children’s Garden with the leaves gathering at our feet! We'll be making delicious tree themed treats, practising various kinds of tree stewardship and exploring the many kinds of fruits and their seeds that enrich the forested landscape and provide food for both our wild friends and ourselves.


October 29&30 | Dia de los Muertos

This very special weekend in the Children’s Garden will feature the exploration and celebration of the turning of seasons, the shortening of the days and the lengthening of the nights through the tradition of Day of the Dead! We'll be exploring the shadowy lives of misunderstood animals—mammals that fly by night, masked bandits who haunt our city streets, the world of worms and web spinners!

We'll also be planning and building another legendary alter to all things wild and gone in the Lower Don. Join us in the Children’s Garden for an exciting day of creepy, crawly crafting as well as songs, drama and stories welcoming the dark days of winter to come.

This unique program and dynamic space requires parents and guardians to supervise their children while co-creating a magical world of possibilities.

Always evolving, the Children's Garden is designed to activate the imaginations of children, inviting them to engage in open-ended play. Here, children have the freedom to be the architects of their environment, to invent and build using their own creativity and problem-solving skills, all while developing an appreciation for the natural world.

Weekly activities respond to the changing seasons and weather, and are based on the natural materials we have available. Most importantly, our activities are a great way to be active and connect with community, family and the environment that sustains us all.


Evergreen Brick Works | 550 Bayview Ave, Toronto ON, M4W 3X8