Nature Play in The Children’s Garden

Next date: August 27, 2016
Evergreen Brick Works | Children's Garden
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Nature Play in The Children’s Garden

Next date: August 27, 2016 | 10:00am–4:00pm

Nature Play in The Children’s Garden

Photo: Mike Derblich

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$5 suggested donation

Join us for songs, art and hands-on activities as we explore all things water related during Watershed Month in the Children's Garden. During the weekends in August we'll be celebrating the water cycle—the heart of life in the lower Don. Learn about how water helps our gardens grow and flourish, and share in the joys of rivers and lakes, clouds and rain, storms and more through the eyes of different plants and animals. See below for a list of themes week by week for August.


August 6&7 | Water Animals

Water animals are our focus this weekend as we explore the lives of the incredible creatures that call the Lower Don Watershed home! Join us in the CG for a day of animal crafts, songs and stories celebrating the amazing creatures that live in the ponds and waterways at the Brick Works and learn about all they do to help keep the site vibrant and beautiful.

We'll be working on a large Cob Turtle Art Project this weekend as we learn about natures most famous builder and construct fabulous dams and lodges.

August 13&14 | Birds

What do Herons and Kingfishers and Geese have in common? Find out and help us tend to the wetland habitat of our avian visitors as we sing songs and play games that celebrate the amazing water birds of Evergreen Brick Works.

This weekend we'll be using Clay and Cob to make Cattail seed-balls and a bird-themed Wetland art installation. As well, will learn from the birds around us about how they move, what they eat and where they live. As always don't forget to come prepared to learn new bird-songs and escape the hungry hawks as we play our favourite bird-themed game in our beautiful August gardens.

August 20 | Plants

Celebrate plants this weekend as we dedicate our making station to the incredible world of plants and natural dyes. Join us for art and song as well as a chance to learn about the relationship of plants to water and their uses as food, medicine, and shelter. We will work on a Don River-themed group art project and a hands-on introduction to the exciting world of water plants in the Children's Garden's own aquatic plants pond. There will be lots of work to do so come lend a hand as we turn our attention towards celebrating the water around us and honouring the garden by giving back to this amazing space with Stewardship activities like watering, weeding and more.

August 21 | Wild Blueberry Activities

Join us in the Children's Garden for loads of fun-filled Blueberry themed action! We'll be decorating our beautiful blueberry beds and giving back to them by fertilizing and practicing natural pest control methods so we have healthy plants and blueberries to share for years to come. We'll also be getting our hands messy with Blueberry Smash Jam and Bannock over the fire along with Blueberry Seed-ball making.

All Day: Drop-In Seed-ball Making and Blueberry Stewardship
11am-1:00pm: Blueberry Smash Jam and Bannock over the fire

August 27&28 | Trees

Did you know that Willows like to keep their feet wet? This weekend we'll be learning all about the amazing world of water-loving trees and exploring how these very special plants keep our rivers clean and cool. We'll be tasting refreshing tree-themed teas and treats, and practicing various kinds of tree stewardship and using one of Evergreen Brick Works' most incredible natural materials to make an exciting Willow Boat to decorate the garden, and carry our dreams for the Don down to the lake!


This unique program and dynamic space requires parents and guardians to supervise their children while co-creating a magical world of possibilities.

Always evolving, the Children's Garden is designed to activate the imaginations of children, inviting them to engage in open-ended play. Here, children have the freedom to be the architects of their environment, to invent and build using their own creativity and problem-solving skills, all while developing an appreciation for the natural world.

Weekly activities respond to the changing seasons and weather, and are based on the natural materials we have available. Most importantly, our activities are a great way to be active and connect with community, family and the environment that sustains us all.


Evergreen Brick Works | 550 Bayview Ave, Toronto ON, M4W 3X8

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