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Nature Play in The Children’s Garden

Nature Play in The Children’s Garden

Nature Play in The Children’s Garden

Photo: Joanne Quinn

Join us for songs, art and hands on activities as we embrace all things winter related during Celebration month in the Children's Garden. Weekends in January we'll be celebrating seasonal change through the eyes of local plants and animals as well as the people who call the Don Valley home. We'll be exploring the return of the light and learning about diverse seasonal celebrations, as well as sharing in the wonder of cold days, bright sunshine and starry nights! See below for a list of themes week by week for January.


January 7 & 8 | Animals

Hibernators are our focus this weekend as we celebrate the lives of the incredible creatures that call the Lower Don Watershed home and have made their winter homes under the snow, in the earth and beneath our waterways. Join us in the Children's Garden for an exciting day of animal inspired art as well as songs and stories celebrating the amazing creatures that embrace winter in magical ways.

We'll be working as a group this weekend as we create spaces in our Winter Village building for animals to live in and cook up a special treat at the fire to warm the wild at heart!

January 14 & 15 | Plants

Come celebrate plants this weekend as we dedicate our making station to the incredible plants which grew around the site over the summer months. We'll also be planting new ones in the Children's Garden greenhouse and under our outdoor coldframes to add to our delicious stews over the winter.

Join us for art and song and a chance to learn about the many uses of local plants as food, medicine and shelter. We will make take-home tea bags and honour the sleeping plants of the garden with Stewardship activities which ensure they will continue to flourish in our garden for many years to come.

January 21 & 22 | Birds

Chickadee-dee-dee! Those birds who haven’t fled the snow are teaching us how to stay warm in the Canadian cold. It's the perfect time to start paying close attention to which feathered friends are still in flight in the northern skies and hunkered down in sheltering forests. As the cold north wind blows we’ll do our best to show our thanks to these small but mighty creatures for their spirit-lifting presence by offering them food and a safe place to rest.

This weekend we'll be learning from these wintering birds about how they move, what they eat and how they stay warm in the cold! As always don't forget to come prepared to learn new birdsongs and escape the hungry hawks and owls as we play our favourite bird-themed game.

January 28 & 29 | Trees

This weekend we’ll be learning about trees through a celebration of their wood with a campfire and fireside crafting! Join us as we learn about the ways in which we rely on the wood of trees for warmth, strength and inspiration and give our thanks to the trees for all they give.

We'll be tasting refreshing tree themed teas and treats, practicing various kinds of tree stewardship and making tree art to celebrate the beauty of the forested landscape! This weekend will be all about learning all about the amazing lives of trees and the ways they survive the winter in their roots beneath the earth.

This unique program and dynamic space requires parents and guardians to supervise their children while co-creating a magical world of possibilities.

Always evolving, the Children's Garden is designed to activate the imaginations of children, inviting them to engage in open-ended play. Here, children have the freedom to be the architects of their environment, to invent and build using their own creativity and problem-solving skills, all while developing an appreciation for the natural world.

Weekly activities respond to the changing seasons and weather, and are based on the natural materials we have available. Most importantly, our activities are a great way to be active and connect with community, family and the environment that sustains us all.

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