Nature Play in The Children’s Garden

Next date: July 24, 2016
Evergreen Brick Works | Children's Garden
$5 suggested donation


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Nature Play in The Children’s Garden

Next date: July 24, 2016 | 10:00am–4:00pm

Nature Play in The Children’s Garden

Photo: Mike Derblich

Hours of operation
Saturdays: 10am-4pm
Sundays: 10am–4pm
Most Holidays*:11am-4pm​

$5 suggested donation
*Please note there is construction work taking place in the Children’s Garden. The garden will be open to the public during regular hours, however some area may be sectioned off from the public for safety.

Join us for songs, art and hands-on gardening during Stewardship month as we explore and celebrate the spirit of caring for the land that makes our garden the magical place it is! Many hands help our gardens grow. Our fruits and vegetables flourish and our Children's Garden inspire visitors with unique activities and amazing designs. Share in the joys of hard work and community that make our garden a very special space for all to enjoy. See below for a list of themes week by week for July.


July 1: Canada Day

Canada Day

Let the kids kick off their holiday weekend celebrations with a visit to the Children's Garden. Our gardens are blooming and there's lots of vegetables and flowers to explore, in addition to our new water flower gardens. Please note: all children require a parent or guardian to supervise (not a drop-off program). 

July 2-3: Trees


With the heat of summer comes the need for extra care to be taken to ensure our trees stay healthy and green. Join us as we learn all about the amazing world of trees and the relationship between them and the light, water and soil which sustains them. We'll be tasting tree themed teas and treats, practising exciting tree stewardship and replanting several new trees outside our Cob House. Celebrate the forests of the Lower Don with inspired tree art and help us envision a city within a forest with hands-on activities that give back to the amazing trees in the Children's Garden.

 We'll be working on our Willow solar system too!

July 9-10: Animals & Bike Day


Mammals are our focus this week as we explore the work which these incredible animals undertake to keep the landscape flourishing! Hooves, paws and teeth are the tools of nature's gardeners and they use these to keep our site green, healthy and filled with life. Join us in the Children's Garden for games, songs and stories celebrating the amazing creatures that call the garden and the Lower Don home and learn about what it is they do to help make Evergreen's gardens grow and flourish. 

Have fun installing our new bee hotels in the Children's Garden, help us paint our bat boxes and get them ready to be installed!

Bike Day - Sunday, July 11

Join us in the Children’s Garden as we tinker the day away by deconstructing and rebuilding a bicycle from the frame up! We'll be exploring tool use, problem-solving and hands-on learning with kids so drop by with your little ones and get your DIY in gear. 

*Sunday only 

July 16-17: Birds


The Children's Garden's Pheonix rises again! Help us tend to the habitat of our avian visitors and join us for songs and games which celebrate the birds of Evergreen Brick Works. This weekend we'll be looking to myth for our bird-themed art installation and learning from the birds around us as we try our hand at giant nest building with colourful rocks in our revamped greenway. As always don't forget to come prepared to learn new bird-songs and escape the hungry hawks as we play our favourite bird-themed game in our beautiful summer gardens.

July 23-24: Plants


All our hard work is starting to pay off! Join us for art and song this weekend along with a chance to taste the Children's Gardens amazing summer bounty of delicious herbs and vegetables! We'll be learning about plants as food, plants as medicine and plants as a shelter with plant-themed crafts and a hands-on introduction to the exciting work of food gardening and gathering in Chimney Court! There will be lots of work to do so come lend a hand as we turn our attention towards celebrating the plants around us and welcoming summer by giving back to this amazing space with watering, weeding, composting and more.

July 30-31: Trees


Join us as we deconstruct a tree in the Children's Garden for loose parts! We'll be learning all about the amazing world of trees and exploring how these very special plants can be used for so many amazing things. We'll be tasting tree-themed teas and treats, practising various kinds of tree stewardship and using incredible tools to make all sorts of exciting things with wood, bark and branches to decorate our garden and honour the trees that shade, house, feed and inspire us.

This unique program and dynamic space requires parents and guardians to supervise their children while co-creating a magical world of possibilities.

Always evolving, the Children's Garden in Chimney Court is designed to activate the imaginations of children, inviting them to engage in open-ended play. Here, children have the freedom to be the architects of their environment, to invent and build using their own creativity and problem-solving skills, all while developing an appreciation for the natural world.

Weekly activities respond to the changing seasons and weather, and are based on the natural materials we have available. Most importantly, our activities are a great way to be active and connect with community, family and the environment that sustains us all.


Evergreen Brick Works | 550 Bayview Ave, Toronto ON, M4W 3X8

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