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Ontario Affordable Housing Calculator

Introducing the Ontario Affordable Housing Calculator — a tool built to inspire and support emerging affordable housing developments and policies across Ontario. Evergreen co-created this tool with insights from developers, policy makers, non-profit housing providers and community groups.

This new city building tool visualizes the intersection of public policies and financial realities when building housing in Ontario. By no means does this tool replace professional pro forma! Every project is unique, and this tool is meant to provide quick insights into the trade-offs required to achieve different levels of affordability.

Along with the tool we have developed a series of materials to support you while using the tool. Below are links to help videos that will guide you through the different functions of the calculator. 

Start exploring at the link below and let us know what you think. This is a beta version*—your feedback will help us improve the tool. 

Open the calculator or download the worksheet (XLSX, 20KB).

Instructional videos

Getting started



Basic Functionality

Project Inputs

*Please note, the calculator currently does not work with Internet Explorer. Please use another web browser to access it.