Native Plants and Invasive Species

Start Your Own Native Plant Garden

The goal of native plant gardening is to recreate the natural plant community of your particular ecoregion.

You can also create habitat for specific species, such as butterflies or birds.

Follow the steps below to get started. Check out Evergreen's other resources for more detailed help on how to start a naturalization project at your school, community, park or home.

Survey Your Site

  • What are the growing conditions?
  • Select a habitat type appropriate for your site conditions (sun, moisture), and ecoregion.
  • Natural habitat (occurs in nature)
  • Habitat gardens (man made)

Select the species to use in your garden by:

  • Reading our tips on choosing species.
  • Searching our Native Plant Database.
  • Talking to your local naturalists' groups and native plant nurseries/growers.
  • Visiting existing natural communities in your area to see what species grow there.

Prepare Your Site

Download our Natural Habitat Communities guide (PDF, 970 kB)