Food Growing

Take a bite out of the concrete jungle and create the fastest food there is—from your backyard or balcony and direct to your table—with these handy guides for growing your own food in the city.

Food Gardens for the Outdoor Classroom

This general guidebook on creating and maintaining food gardens was created for schools to use in their greening projects but it's a valuable, comprehensive tool for anyone looking to start an outdoor garden.

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Growing Opportunities: A Social Service Agency's
Guide to Garden Programming

Growing Opportunities is a practical, step-by-step guide to creating a garden program for your organization or agency. It is intended for those who want to bring the benefits of growing and communal gardening to their agency's clients and their broader community. Whether your aim is to create a small herb garden at a youth shelter, an accessible raised vegetable garden at a seniors' centre or just about any other type of communal garden, Growing Opportunities gives you the full range of information and tools you need to get your project started.

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Fruit Tree Growing & Maintenance

These Urban Agriculture Fact Sheets offer introductory information on organic food gardening and food literacy education. This series will take you through the steps of planning, planting and maintaining home-scale vegetable and herb gardens, both indoors and outdoors. Additional food related topics such as sprouting, worm composting and mushroom cultivation will explore innovative methods of growing and processing food in small spaces, as well as information on nutrition and local food sourcing.

How to Garden With Containers in Small Spaces

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How to Grow Sprouts at Home

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How to Compost Indoors with Worms

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A Guide to Backyard Composting

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Growing and Using Herbs

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Organic Food Gardening

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Caring for Plants Organically

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Managing Weeds and Pests Organically

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Build a Backyard Herb Spiral

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