Community Greening

Hands for Nature: A Volunteer Management Handbook

This booklet provides practical tips and ideas for working effectively with volunteers to create and sustain greening projects. It includes many insights and helpful statistics from the Community Greening Volunteerism 2002 Survey as well as generous input and discussions with experienced volunteer coordinators and greening participants.

Download the Guidebook (PDF, 4.7 MB)

Working With Your Local Government: A Manual for Environmental Groups and Volunteers

Funded by the Knowledge Development Centre at Imagine Canada, Evergreen collected success stories and best practices related to environmental volunteer and partnership programs in the municipalities of Calgary, Waterloo and Halifax. This manual contains advice and insights drawn directly from these conversations, and informed by Evergreen's years of experience. In it, you'll find practical tips and suggestions for forging and sustaining successful greening partnerships with your local government. If you work with your local municipality on a greening initiative, or if you'd like to get involved in stewardship issues, this manual is for you.

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Stewards in the City: A Handbook for Greater Toronto Stewards

Provides new and experienced stewards with an overview of what naturalization is and why it is essential; reference information on native and invasive plants; and examples of opportunities for community members and groups who are involved, or thinking of getting involved, in stewardship.

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Keeping it Green: A Citizen's Guide to Urban Land Protection

This book from Evergreen is a practical guide for citizens and community groups looking for consensus-based approaches to protecting threatened landscapes in urban and urbanizing areas. Packed with useful information, examples and links to other resources, the manual covers the land-use planning process, real-estate tools for land securement, and how to galvanize your land-protection efforts into a successful community movement.

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Urban Naturalization in Canada: A Policy and Program Guidebook

This resource provides practical guidelines to help municipalities promote naturalization through their official plans, policies and operating procedures. It also includes case studies from across the country profiling innovative policy approaches.

Chapters 1-4 (PDF, 1 MB)
Chapters 5-6: Bibliography and Appendices (PDF, 150 KB)

Greening Corporate Grounds

Greening Corporate Grounds Manual

This resource can be applied to a diversity of spaces including rental properties, large and small company properties, storefronts, business improvement areas, institutions and places of worship, with a primary focus on planning, implementing and maintaining an ecologically appropriate outdoor area on a property.
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Planting Events Brochure

Find out how you can hold a Greening Corporate Grounds planting or maintenance event
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Business Greening Workshop Series

Information on inviting Evergreen to your workplace for free hands-on workshops
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To participate in this program or for more information, please contact:

JR Leo, Project Manager, Downsview Park, Halton and Greening Corporate Grounds or 416-302-9234

Deborah Kenley, Greening Corporate Grounds Program Coordinator, Credit Valley Conservation or 905-670-1615 x439

Support for this initiative is provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the GTAA Partners in Project Green. Additional project partners are the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, the Region of Peel and Credit Valley Conservation. This program is endorsed by the Mississauga Board of Trade, Tallgrass Ontario and the Canadian Business and Biodiversity Council.

No Plot Is Too Small

No Plot Is Too Small: A Community's Guide to Restoring Public Landscapes

No Plot Is Too Small is a practical step-by-step guide designed to help communities take action. It is intended for those with a desire to make their communities greener, healthier spaces through collective action. This book will guide you through all stages of planning a successful and sustainable initiative that is responsive to the needs of your community and the environment. Whether your goal is to transform a small neighbourhood parkette or contribute to the restoration of a major valley corridor, No Plot Is Too Small provides the tools to help make your vision become a reality.

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Greening Corporate Grounds

While improving environmental health may be the biggest driver for creating natural urban spaces, businesses that green their grounds are enjoying a host of economic and ecological advantages as well. These fact sheets are part of the Greening Corporate Grounds program, developed in partnership with Credit Valley Conservtion.

Business Green Space Makes Economic Sense (PDF, 475 kB)

Business Green Space Makes Ecological Sense (PDF, 470 kB)

Employee Health and Well-being (PDF, 465 kB)

Greenspace Fact Sheets

A series of five fact sheets that provide hands-on information for improving biodiversity in your back yard or community garden. Learn how to build soil, plan a windbreak or create meadow and woodland communities.

Tips & Tricks for Building Healthy Soil (Part 1) (PDF, 158 kB)

Tips & Tricks for Building Healthy Soil (Part 2) (PDF, 235 kB)

Woodland Communities (PDF, 225 kB)

Meadows and Prairies (PDF, 151 kB)

Windbreaks, Hedgerows & Living Fences (PDF, 223 kB)

Invasive Species

Invasive plants are becoming a leading topic of environmental concern for community groups, land managers, and garden businesses. To help people better understand the top 10 invasive plants in BC’s Lower Mainland, and make more informed growing and purchasing choices, we have produced an information brochure and these easy-to-download plant profile sheets. We have also produced a poster ideal for businesses that want to educate consumers on available market alternatives to invasive plants.

INVASIVE SPECIES: Stop the Spread Overview (PDF, 1 MB)
INVASIVE SPECIES: Stop the Spread Alternatives Poster (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Butterfly bush Buddleia davidii (PDF, 430 kB)
Cherry laurel (English laurel) Prunus laurocerasus (PDF, 390 kB)
Dead Nettle Lamiastrum galeobdolon (PDF, 440 kB)
Goutweed (Bishop's Weed) Aegopodium podagraria (PDF, 420 kB)
English Holly Ilex aquifolium (PDF, 450 kB)
English Ivy Hedera helix (PDF, 370 kB)
Periwinkle Vinca minor (PDF, 360 kB)
Scotch Broom Cytisus scoparius (PDF, 640 kB)
Spurge laurel Daphne laureola (PDF, 780 kB)
Yellow Flag Iris Iris pseudacorus (PDF, 380 kB)