Corporate Partnerships

We create widely impactful and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Why partner with Evergreen

We create widely impactful and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our collaboration with partners is based on shared ambitions, mutual goals and a common understanding of issues. When your company invests in Evergreen, you are directly helping to build a better future for people and the planet through better public places.

Advantages to partnering with us


We can help you achieve your community and organizational goals, including supporting your Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) strategies. We’d love to hear what you’re trying to accomplish.

Brand positioning

Provide your company with high-impact visibility and storytelling while doing good in your community.

Our brand positioning offers unique competitive advantages.

Community connections

Connect with our national networks and gain access to over 500,000 visitors annually at Evergreen Brick Works!

Together, we can impact the lives of thousands of people and help heal our planet.

Ways to partner with Evergreen

We offer diverse partnership options, and we will work together to make the most of your contribution, putting it towards programming that best fits your corporate values and goals.

Program partnerships
Customized Cause Marketing Campaigns 

Program partnerships

Drive long-term change in your community while supporting a program your customers and employees care about.

Evergreen has a proven track record of building and scaling programs at a local and national level, maximizing impact and generating success stories in regions across the country.

Focus of our Work:

Tackle the Climate Crisis
Improve Health and Wellbeing
Empower Communities
Reconnect Children with Nature
Tackle the Climate Crisis

We see beyond the spaces that exist today and imagine them transformed into places where people and nature thrive.

AI for the Resilient City
Improve Health and Wellbeing

We see a future where everyone can live a healthy life on a healthy planet.

Outdoor Recreation
Empower Communities

All of our work is done with the communities we serve to ensure that every place is transformed for the better and that our cities are bursting with life.

Community Solutions Network
Reconnect Children with Nature

Evergreen offers unique children’s programming at Evergreen Brick Works geared towards exploring and discovering the greener side of Toronto.

Day Camps


With more than 30 years of national success inspiring action to build sustainable public spaces, our brand positioning offers unique competitive advantages.

We offer a variety of customized sponsorship opportunities by day, weekend, season, or year to creatively activate your brand. From the Winter Market to the Day of the Dead, our beloved festivals and community events at Evergreen Brick Works provide unique opportunities to gain access to over 500,000 loyal annual visitors.

Customized Cause Marketing Campaigns 

Give your customers the opportunity to give back to a meaningful cause.

Build customer loyalty, increase employee motivation and retention, and differentiate your company from the competition.

We will work with you and your organization to align with a campaign or customize an opportunity to suit your goals. Let’s brainstorm together!

“Society is facing challenging social issues, including climate change. Evergreen is a trailblazer in creating sustainable solutions for the future of city building. We know that these challenges will not be solved alone, and so through thoughtful partnerships with organizations sharing the same goals, our impact will be greater.”

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Corporate Team Building

Want to boost your team’s morale by participating in our unique team building activities at Evergreen Brick Works? Our unrivaled venue offers the perfect combination of discovery and connection through our nature-based activities that will help your team bond and grow.

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