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Our favourite farmers markets across Canada

There’s simply no better way to shop local.

Published on March 18, 2024

People walk around an market with buildings in the background

Public markets are the heartbeat of communities across Canada, bringing together local cultures, commerce and cuisine.


From coast to coast, these vibrant public spaces connect people with local sellers, reducing the need for goods transported over long distances.


At Evergreen Brick Works, the Saturday Farmers Market is a core piece of our ongoing efforts to create better public spaces that are sustainable for people and the planet. We think markets are so great, we wanted to highlight some of the best from all over the country.


Whether on cobblestone streets, surrounded by mountains, or nestled in a small community park, farmers markets are part of what makes cities special. Here are our favourites in every province.


People at farmers markets stalls with mountains in the background



British Columbia: Squamish Farmers Market

Shopping just feels different when you’re surrounded by breathtaking mountain views. Open most Saturdays through December (and select Saturdays in February and March), the Squamish Farmers Market operates in the downtown Squamish core, with up to 60 vendors per market. Next to the Junction Park & O’Siyam Pavilion and across the road from Mamquam Blind Channel, the location encourages visitors to explore and enjoy the natural amenities of the area.


ariel photo of street lined with vendors for public market



Alberta: St. Albert Farmers Market

Boasting one of the largest outdoor farmers markets in Canada, Edmonton’s St. Albert Farmers Market includes more than 275 vendors, local food trucks, buskers and more. Open Saturdays from June to October, the market attracts thousands of locals and visitors, with a market mission of “make it, bake it, grow it.” The market sprawls along several Perron District streets, and often hosts live music performances and other live events, further enhancing its role as a focal point for social interaction.


People walk street with market vendors


Saskatchewan: Regina Farmers market

The Regina Farmers Market is a popular destination for both residents and tourists alike, attracting a steady stream of visitors year-round. Moving outdoors in May, it transforms the downtown streets and neighbouring Victoria Park into a vibrant hub of activity. The prime location ensures easy access for both locals and visitors seeking fresh produce and locally-made goods. Operating since 1975, the market exclusively features products crafted, baked, grown or designed in Saskatchewan, showcasing the city’s evolving diversity.


People in front of market building

Credit: bonjourmanitoba


Manitoba: Le Marché St Norbert Farmers Market

Manitoba’s largest farmers market, the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market in Winnipeg has been serving the area with fresh farm foods and handcrafted goods for more than 30 years. Since 2019, the market has been open every Saturday year-round, including the winter months! Like other farmers markets that focus on locally-sourced goods, everything sold at the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market is made, crafted and grown in Manitoba. The non-profit organization that runs the market calls St. Norbert a community with deep Francophone and Métis roots in farming, families and culture.


People visit market vendors in public square with buildings in background


Ontario: Kingston Public Market

One of the oldest continuously operating markets in Canada (and the oldest in Ontario), the Kingston Public Market dates all the way back to 1801. Open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, April through November, visitors can find high quality local produce, prepared foods, plants and flowers, handmade crafts and more. Located opposite Kingston City Hall in Springer Market Square, the public market is just one of the many attractions animating the downtown space and bringing the community together, alongside activities such as skating in the winter and movies in the summer.


Market building with flowers in foreground

Credit: District of Lachine


Quebec: Marché de Lachine

The Lachine Market is touted as the oldest public market in Montreal. Considered more a bustling public market than strictly a farmers market, visitors can find everything from gourmet foods, cheese and pastries year-round, with produce and other seasonal horiculture products available from May through October. What makes the market truly unique is how it integrates the surrounding outdoor space into the experience. Visitors can stroll along the canal promenade, relax in nearby parks or even take in a leisurely boat tour.


Indoor farmers market people speaking to vendor



New Brunswick: Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market

For nearly 70 years, locals and visitors have gathered at Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market to “shop, snack and socialize” every Saturday morning year round. Situated in the heart of downtown, the location also allows visitors to explore nearby Officers’ Square Provincial Heritage Place, several public parks and walking trails along the St. John River. The market building itself, constructed in 1951, also hosts concerts and other community events, and even designates space every week for local non-profit organizations to promote their work.


People walking into market building
Nova Scotia: Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market

The Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market has a rich history dating back to 1750, making it one of the oldest continuously operating farmers’ markets in North America. The market was created by Royal Proclamation in June of 1750, just a year after the founding of Halifax. The market has moved locations over the years and is now situated at the Halifax Seaport, a vibrant arts and cultural district at the south end of the Halifax waterfront. After shopping for local goods and treats, visitors can enjoy nearby galleries, cafes, museums and so much more.


Downtown street closed off to pedestrians walking with market stalls on both sides
Prince Edward Island: Charlottetown Farmers Market and Downtown Farmers Market

Like other farmers markets, the Charlottetown Farmers Market is more than just shopping, it is a popular gathering place for the community. Open Saturdays year-round and Wednesdays during the summer, the market includes more than 60 local vendors. Meanwhile, the Downtown Charlottetown Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market takes place Sundays from July until the end of September. Several downtown streets shut down, giving you the chance to shop for locally-grown produce, have lunch at a picnic table and even enjoy local musicians.


People mill around outside a market building
Newfoundland and Labrador: St. John’s Farmers’ Market

The St. John’s Farmers’ Market is set amidst colourful streets and historic buildings. The location means visitors can explore the market’s offerings while immersing themselves in the unique atmosphere of St. John’s, with its unique architecture, lively culture and incredible shoreline views. The market itself, open Saturdays from May through December; and the third Saturday of each month otherwise, offers fresh local produce, fish, bakery items and local arts and crafts like needlepoints, jewellery and pottery.


People visiting farmers market with produce on display
Bonus: Evergreen Brick Works

Evergreen started its Saturday Farmers Market in 2007 with 25 local farmers and producers, a great location and a great community response. It has since grown into the largest farmers market in Toronto.


Open year-round, snow or shine, Evergreen’s Saturday Farmers Market is the meeting place for people from across the city and beyond. Here, you can connect with fellow Torontonians and local Ontario food producers alike.


Find the Saturday Farmers Market outdoors from May to October and indoors from November to April — every Saturday, 9am – 1pm.


Do you love farmers markets as much as we do? These markets connect us with our communities, help us support local businesses, and promote access to fresh, healthy food. We need your help to keep them thriving. Join us as we transform public spaces.