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In photos: enjoying Winter Weekend Nature Play

We welcomed thousands of visitors to embrace the magical winter season at Weekend Nature Play.

Published on March 25, 2024

Group of people taking a walk in a snowy ravine.

Before we fully embrace spring and bask in these longer days, let’s take a moment to look back on the magical winter season we enjoyed at Weekend Nature Play. From enjoying cozy fires to learning about local plants and animals, we welcomed thousands of visitors into the Children’s Garden.  We created opportunities for communities to come together, connect with nature, be curious, and engage in some risky play! We are so grateful for your support in ensuring that Evergreen Brick Works is bursting with life and we’re looking forward to the rest of the year. 


Shoutout to our talented outdoor educators for facilitating this incredible programming in the Children’s Garden every weekend and to our dedicated volunteers – we appreciate you!  


Here’s a recap of the fun we had this winter! 



fire pit with roasting apples on a stick

Roasting apples by the cozy campfire.



ice lanterns

Chipping away at ice molds to reveal hidden treasures.



snowman in the kids gardens

Building new friends out of fresh snow.



cedar tea making on picnic table

Drinking cedar tea in the Children’s Garden.



iceblocks on table with natural elements

Inspecting the hidden elements in the ice.




Building shelters to hide and play inside.




Bird watching with keen eyes.




Designing Valentine’s Day cards using toilet paper rolls.




Exploring the touch table of furs and bones.




Drawing our favourite plants and animals.



Try it yourself! 

Learn more about Weekend Nature Play and upcoming dates.