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Published on July 5, 2023

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Have you ever wanted to learn more about the sustainability of buildings at the Brick Works? Or maybe you’re curious about the ecology of the site and how we to work to protect these natural features? Well, you’re in luck because Evergreen has launched free immersive self-guided experiences that aim to reveal the hidden ways that ecosystems and people co-exist and co-create our most beloved urban places.


The Ignite Series kicked off at the Brick Works last month with over 100 people in attendance. The event showcased the audio experiences that visitors will explore on site.


The Ignite Series Launch Event


Supported by the TD Bank Group, the four experiences in the Ignite Series focus on:


  • Urban ecosystems and the roles visitors play as stewards of the land and water.
  • The hidden sustainable innovation at Evergreen Brick Works.
  • Crowd-sourced community stories of the Brick Works.
  • Indigenous knowledge and perspectives of the land and waters in the Don Valley watershed.


“The Ignite Series is an exploration of the social and ecological fabric of Evergreen Brick Works,” says Lois Lindsay, Chief Program Officer at Evergreen. “Beyond the Brick Works’ evolution from an industrial site to a regenerative public space, it has been used, cared for and enjoyed by human and non-human communities for centuries. We wanted to celebrate and honour the many people, cultures, species, and geological phenomena that have made this special place come alive.”


The self-guided experiences will be launched in two phases — the first is available now and the second will be available at a later date.


Former Program Officer at Evergreen, Joanne Bowers, designed the tours. She says, “We’re actually launching two brand new self-guided audio tours. So it’s the first audio tour offering that we’ve had at the Brick Works. And the tours are deeply rooted in ecology, nature stewardship and sustainability. They’re really immersive. They take the visitors on an immersive exploration of our site, exploring some of the hidden ways that ecosystems and the nature of our site function and what they offer us.”


Joanne Bowers at Ignite


To download the Driftscape app and start experiencing the tours click the button below.



Series 1


Nature’s Playground: Treading Lightly


Evergreen Brick Works Drone Photo


Calling all nature enthusiasts! Our ‘Nature’s Playground: Treading Lightly’ self-guided tour is now available for you to download for free and use at the Brick Works.


During this audio tour, we will guide you around six key points of interest connected to the important ecology and nature of Evergreen Brick Works.


Along the way you will hear conversations with nature conservation experts and outdoor educators who will speak to some of the challenges we face with protecting urban ecosystems. They will also outline the steps we can all take to enjoy the outdoors whilst treading lightly and caring for the land.


The tour stopping points make a loop around the site and will include rivers, ponds, wetlands and native plant gardens. Audio will begin automatically as you approach each point of interest, and you will be notified when additional information is available through the Driftscape app.


The Hidden Green: Sustainable Innovation and Technology in Public Space


Td future cties centre


Have you ever been curious about the site’s sustainability features and Evergreen’s green infrastructure projects? If so, this tour is for you!


During “The Hidden Green: Sustainable Innovation and Technology in Public Space” self-guided tour, you’ll be able to explore and learn more about our geothermal systems, LEED certification, water management, well-known buildings like the TD Future Cities Centre and so much more.


To participate in the tour, simply download the Driftscape app (for free). Through the app’s AR and 360 mode, you’ll be able to virtually explore features and buildings at the Brick Works that aren’t always accessible to the public.


Yes, that’s right u2013 you can now take a tour of the Brick Works from the comforts of your own home.


Series 2


Series 2 will be launched at a later date. More details coming soon.


Thank you to the TD Bank Group for their support of these tours. We can’t wait for you to start experiencing them.

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