Earth Month at Evergreen Brick Works

Take part in a month filled with sustainable initiatives at the Brick Works.

Published on March 26, 2024

View of Evergreen Brick Works with Toronto skyline in the distance on a summer day

Imagine a city that’s not apart from nature but rather a part of nature. Imagine a city that has green spaces for children to play in. Imagine a city where plants and animals can flourish. At Evergreen, we believe that people and nature can not only co-exist but thrive together.


However, the only way this can happen is by caring for our urban green spaces. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss


The time to act is now. This Earth Month, help us spread the word about the need to care for our urban environments. Simple acts like using a reusable water bottle, teaching your children about the importance of connecting with nature or recycling your plant pots are a great way to start. These actions inspire others to do the same, creating a bigger positive impact than we could ever make alone.


Our cities don’t have to be grey. They can be green, vibrant places that are bursting with life.


Here’s what we have planned at Evergreen Brick Works to celebrate Earth Month:


Saturday Farmers Market

The Global Theme for Earth Day this year is “Planet vs. Plastics”. This month at the Farmers Market, we will be highlighting our waste reduction initiatives. Here are some options to reduce your plastic usage at the Farmers Market:


Bring Your Own (BYO)

Customers are encouraged to bring their own clean containers, mugs, produce bags and shopping bags to the Market. Just let vendors know you brought your own when shopping. Some of our vendors even provide a discount when you bring your own!


Return for Reuse

Our awesome vendors often reuse their packaging. Feel free to bring back clean bottles, jars, egg cartons and baskets the next time you visit the market. Return, reuse and reduce!


Coffee in a Muuse Insulated Cup

Forgot to bring your own travel mug or cup? No problem! Just scan out a Muuse cup for FREE! Muuse cups can be used with any of the vendors offering beverages. Sign-up takes 30 seconds and you have up to 30 days to return. Scan again to return used cups to a return bin located with the waste receptacles or return to over 50 locations throughout Toronto – see map at for more details.


Two women hold their phones up to reusable thermal mugs at the farmers market


Take out with a Muuse To-Go Container

Just like the cups above, you can take market snacks and meals to-go in a stylish reusable container. Just scan to borrow a free container from Muuse!


About our Reusable Dishware Program

In 2023, we conducted a waste audit at our Saturday Farmers Market and found that a high amount of the waste produced on-site was from single-use food ware. This signalled that a significant amount of prepared foods purchased at the Market is consumed on-site.


In November 2023, we launched a collaborative initiative with Muuse, introducing a reusable dishware program at the indoor Farmers Market. All food vendors were equipped with reusable dishware for customers opting to dine at the market. So far, the program has been a huge success with over 6,000 single-use items already being diverted from landfill.


Annually, the City of Toronto accumulates nearly 900,000 tonnes (almost 2 billion pounds) of waste (City of Toronto). Many farmers markets and special events contribute significantly to this figure, producing substantial amounts of waste, including single-use beverage cups, cutlery and food packaging. Unfortunately, these items often end up polluting our natural environment, infiltrating parks and bodies of water.


By participating in our reusable dishware program, visitors to the Farmers Market help to lessen our overall environmental footprint. Opting for reusable options helps reduce the amount of waste generated at the Market and decreases pollution in our natural surroundings. Visitors become key players in fostering a greener community and setting an example for sustainable practices, showcasing how small individual actions can collectively make a substantial difference in preserving our environment and making cities greener places to live.


Throughout April, our Zero Waste Ambassadors will be stationed at the Farmers Market with an engaging interactive table. Feel free to drop by to delve deeper into our waste reduction initiative, participate in our waste sorting game and stand a chance to win eco-conscious prizes!


Weekend Nature Play

Children sitting on the ground and on a picnic table in a shady garden


Caring for the environment starts by connecting with nature. Through programs like Weekend Nature Play at Evergreen Brick Works, we teach children about the importance of nature from a young age, which they take with them into the rest of their lives.


During Earth Month, visitors can explore sustainability through nature-based arts and crafts. There will also be learning stations set up in the Children’s Garden about composting, recycling and developing a green thumb. Follow the Valley chimney and join us every Saturday in April (plus Sunday, April 21) for some family fun to reconnect with nature!


The Garden Market

Women shops for plants outdoors at the Garden Market


Native Plants in Claremont Inc. Recycling Program at the Evergreen Garden Market:

The first shipment of native plants from Native Plants in Claremont is arriving the week of April 15! In just a few weeks you will be able to stroll around the Garden Market looking upon the trays of Wild Ginger, Canada Anemone, May Apple, Woodland Phlox, False Indigo and many more stunning varieties to enhance your garden.


But that’s not all! In line with our commitment to sustainability, we’re launching a new recycling drop-off location at the Evergreen Garden Market. Starting on Earth Day (April 22), you can conveniently recycle your empty Native Plants in Claremont Inc. pots and plant tags while exploring our Garden Market.


Wondering what pots are eligible for our recycling program? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Native Plants in Claremont “Square top” Pots: 3.50″ square top, 3.62″ deep.
  • Native Plants in Claremont “Jumbo” Pots: 4.25″ square top, 5″ deep.


Here’s how our recycling program works:

  1. Visit the cash desk at the Evergreen Garden Market with your empty pots and plant tags and inform a staff member of your recycling drop-off.
  2. Enjoy a fantastic 15% discount on your next purchase at the Evergreen Garden Market as a token of our gratitude for participating in our recycling program!


Evergreen Garden Market Tulip U-Pick:

Last fall, Evergreen Garden Market staff and Evergreen volunteers planted crates of tulip bulbs so that we could host a Tulip U-Pick for our beloved Garden Market customers this spring in celebration of Earth Month. Stay tuned for the Eventbrite link!


Earth Day at The Brick Works

People walk around the Brick Works on a sunny summer day


Join us on April 20 for a full day of family-friendly workshops and activities that promote sustainability and care for the environment. During our Earth Day festivities, visitors can expect to immerse themselves in the nature surrounding the Brick Works, take part in workshops, contribute to a circular economy through the Mini Drop, Swap and Shop event, watch an education film, join in on a litter pick up and so much more. We can’t wait to celebrate our earth with you!


Getting to the Brick Works We believe that using active and sustainable forms of transportation is the best way to get to Evergreen Brick Works year-round! During Earth Month, we want to encourage you to use transportation like the FREE Shuttle Bus, public transit, biking or hiking to get to the site if you can. Let’s collectively try to lower our emissions from travel! Learn more about how to get to Evergreen Brick Works here.