Supporting Black-owned businesses at the Brick Works: a gift guide

Support Black entrepreneurs at our Farmers and Garden Markets in celebration of Black History Month.

Published on January 24, 2024

Woman poses in front of her table of body care products at the indoor Saturday Farmers Market

In February, we celebrate Black History Month and this year’s theme is “ours to tell”. This theme represents an opportunity to learn more about the stories Black communities in Canada have to tell about their histories, successes, sacrifices and triumps. We have many successful Black-owned businesses at the Evergreen Garden Market and Saturday Farmers Market.


From handmade soaps to delicious teas, here’s a gift guide of products made by Black entrepreneurs at our markets. We encourage you to click on the links to their businesses below to learn more about their stories and their entrepreneurial journeys.


Loose leaf tea from Oshuns Apothecary on a table beside a cup of steeped tea

Oshun’s Apothecary Heart Warming Tea

Available at the Saturday Farmers Market and Evergreen Garden Market


Sip, savour and share a touch of warmth and wellness with Oshun’s Apothecary Heartwarming Tea. Create a cozy moment for you and your loved one with this delightful blend, crafted with holy basil, lemongrass, chamomilla and rose petals. Ignite the senses and infuse your moments with cozy affection.


Bottles of Thick Leave-In Lemongrass Hair Conditioner on the shelf at Evergreen Garden Market

Thick Leave-in Lemongrass Hair Conditioner

Available at the Evergreen Garden Market


Treat yourself or your loved ones to Thick Leave-in Lemongrass Hair Conditioner – a luscious blend that not only nourishes their locks but also wraps them in the invigorating and refreshing scent of lemongrass.


Point of view of woman holding a bar of Sasa Naturals Chamomile Soap

SaSa Naturals Chamomile Soap

Available at the Saturday Farmers Market


Indulge in pure tranquility for your skin with Sasa Naturals Chamomile Soap! Elevate your skincare routine with this farm-to-skincare delight, a plant-based product that captures the soothing essence of chamomile. Because there’s no sweeter expression of love than the gift of serene self-care.


Meika's Pepper Sauce on the shelf at the Evergreen Garden Market

Meika’s Pepper Sauce

Available at the Saturday Farmers Market and Evergreen Garden Market


Turn up the heat this February with Meika’s Mango Lemon Mint Pepper Sauce! Experience the delightful harmony of mango, lemon, and mint in this hot sauce. Elevate your taste experience with every spicy and refreshing bite, savouring the unique combination that sets the mood for a truly exceptional culinary journey. It’s not just hot; it’s a tantalizing journey for your taste buds. Perfect for adding a touch of excitement to your romantic dinner plans.


Two jars of Lignum Honey on the shelf at the Evergreen Garden Market

Lignum Honey

Available at the Evergreen Garden Market


Gift yourself or a loved one the irresistible Lignum Honey Scotch Bonnet Pepper Honey – a harmonious fusion of raw Jamaican honey and fiery Scotch Bonnet peppers. Elevate your romantic celebrations with this culinary delight, ideal for enhancing cheese boards, glazing meats, or adding a fiery twist to cocktails. For those who savour the balance of spicy and sweet, this honey is a culinary delight like no other.


Two jars of Nerpy's jerk seasoning on the shelf at the Evergreen Garden Market

Nerpy’s Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Available at the Evergreen Garden Market


Express your love through the art of cooking with Nerpy’s Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning! Embark on a flavour-packed journey that celebrates the delicious tradition of Jerk cooking. Infuse your dishes with the authentic tastes of Jamaica and spend some quality time cooking together.


185 gram glass jar of OG Basil Nut Quite Cheeze

Eastend Vegan’s OG Basil Nut-Quite Cheeze

Available at the Saturday Farmers Market


Elevate the classic charcuterie experience with a vegan twist. Include Eastend Vegan’s diverse cheese selection alongside plant-based deli slices, nuts, and an array of pickled delights for a tasteful and dairy-free charcuterie board. Eastend Vegan’s commitment to crafting high-quality dairy-free cheese ensures a gourmet experience without compromise. With a range of flavours, their products are not just an alternative – they’re a celebration of indulgence and inclusivity.


Stack of vegan chocolate chip cookies from House of Tigernut

House of Tigernut Chocolate Chip Cookies

Available at the Saturday Farmers Market


Whether you’re indulging a cookie lover or sharing a sweet moment with a loved one, the Tigernut Chocolate Chip Cookies promise to add a touch of decadence and joy to your celebrations, without any guilt! Made with wholesome ingredients like tigernut flour, oat flour and chocolate chips, these cookies are gluten-free, vegan and delicious.


Omo Bamboo table displaying eco-friendly home goods at the Saturday Farmers Market

Omo Bamboo Shop Pure Soy Wax Candles

Available at the Saturday Farmers Market


Let your love shine brightly with the sustainable glow of Omo Bamboo’s Pure Soy Wax Candles. Whether you’re creating a romantic dinner setting or fostering relaxation, these candles are a testament to the beauty of eco-conscious living. Gift your loved ones a touch of sustainability and warmth from Omo Bamboo.