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5 swaps for a low-waste birthday party

From DIY decorations to mindful gift-giving, let's explore alternatives to traditional party practices.

Published on March 27, 2024

Happy Birthday sign on a wall

Want to throw a birthday bash that’s as enjoyable for the planet as it is for the guests? 


With a few thoughtful swaps, you can host a low-waste celebration without diminishing the delight. From DIY decorations to mindful gift-giving, let’s explore five eco-friendly alternatives to traditional party practices. 


Happy Birthday sign on a wall



Skip the balloons 

The best way to minimize your waste is to use what you already have. When it comes to birthday decorations, get creative and see what you have around the house! Felt, construction paper, ribbon and cardboard can all be made into some awesome decor. Check out this DIY no-sew felt banner idea for your next party!  


Craft art on a piece of paper



Nature Based Crafts

Instead of loading up on loop bags, toys and single use activities, see what you can create by exploring an outdoor area and collecting your own supplies. It doesn’t only foster your kiddo’s imagination, but it’s cost effective too! Check out this list of 100 nature crafts and activities for more inspiration. 


Place set with plate and spoon and knife



Ditch the single use tableware

Instead of purchasing disposable plates or cups that will probably only be used once, skip the plastic and use serving ware or glassware from your kitchen to minimize waste. Add some natural elements such as leaves, pinecones or flowers to spruce up the table setting!  



Opt for e-vites

Save on paper and the hassle of mailing birthday invitations by sending evites. Check out websites such as Evite, RSVPify, and Punchbowl for easy-to-use templates. You can also download free Evergreen themed birthday party invites! 




The gift that keeps on giving 

It can be hard to think of a gift that will actually get used and not end up cluttering someone’s home. Consider supporting your local charitable organizations and non-profits. Bonus points if the guest of honor has a special connection to the chosen organization or visits on a regular basis! Check out to send an e-card with a donation or donate directly on our website! When you complete your donation at, you’ll even be able to write a personalized message and send a card! 


Children’s birthday parties at Evergreen Brick Works 

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