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Vancouver: Citizen Activator - 100In1Day - Vancouver

Start date/term of position: February - June, 2018, 10-15 hours per month

Do you have a passion for sustainable cities? Do you want to help inspire, equip and empower people to explore their potential and create change in their communities?

Be a Citizen Activator with 100in1 Day!

100in1Day is a platform for citizens to transform their cities through urban interventions, all on one day. An urban intervention is a one-day community-based project, led by an individual, group of like-minded citizens or neighbours, or an organization, building on innovative, thought-provoking ideas. The urban interventions, be they whimsical and fun or advocating for social justice and change, are a simple, often low-cost way for people to showcase their ideas for a better city.  Not only do they transform the city, but they inspire and engage participants and onlookers alike – fostering a strong sense of community and positive change.

Citizen Activators are the core team of leadership volunteers who together works through the months leading up to and on the day of 100In1 Day (June 2).  They focus on one or more of these areas, while also supporting the planning and event day in general.

  • Communication: spread the word and raise awareness about the initiative, get people interested and engage partners and stakeholders.  Social media promotion is key.
  • Workshops: Host and facilitate sessions to help citizens explore and develop their ideas to improve their cities.
  • Documentation: Capture the experience and impact of 100in1 Day through words, photos and videos.  

What you bring: You are committed, engaged, enthusiastic and optimistic. You bring a passion for sustainable cities with some awareness of issues and challenges in your city.  You are organized with experience in planning.  You can work with diverse stakeholders from civic leaders and funders to community organizations and residents.   Experience with volunteering and/or facilitation are assets.  You must be 19+ with strong English skills.

When & where:   You’ll need to commit to the role from February through June, about 10-15 hours per month, depending on your focus.  Most activities are weekends and evenings and vary depending on needs.  You’ll attend a mandatory one day orientation and training session in late January/early February, along with additional sessions and team meetings as decided by the team and your responsibilities. Flexibility is key. You should be available on the big day, Saturday, June 2th, 2018.  Events happen across the city.

How we’ll support you:  You will receive comprehensive training through several sessions, along with supporting resources.  Past Citizen Activators may also be available as advisors.  Staff leads will provide coaching all the way and the team will work together for success. Through staff leadership, Evergreen will provide the ongoing support and resources needed to make this a great day.

Perks: You will develop strong leadership skills, hone your community engagement savvy and strengthen your networks.   You will tangibly get to inspire change and activate the power of citizens in your city!

If this sounds like you: Apply online, include a resume and tell us in your profile why you are interested in the role.   If you are already an Evergreen volunteer, you can also sign in to your profile and go to the opportunities tab to apply, updating your profile as needed. 

We will get back to you by early February for an informal interview.