Public places

Why public places?

There’s power in a great public place. Not only do they strengthen community connections, they also serve the needs of people and nature. We’re focused on transforming public spaces so that they reconnect communities, change and improve our health and wellbeing, and mitigate climate change.

Group of people gathered on bridge overlooking the pond

Where nature thrives, people thrive

Not only can cities and nature work together, they must work together. As cities continue to grow — with 70% of all people on the planet living in cities by 2050 — we need to show that nature belongs in our cities. Everyone, everywhere, deserves the opportunity to experience the beauty and patterns of nature and understand how interconnected our health is with our planet’s health.


Together with communities, we’re transforming cities into urban ecosystems — where people support nature and nature supports people.

The power of place

The crisis that’s playing out in our cities can be solved, and the change we need begins in better public places. After all, great places are multi-solving. Great places bring communities together and remind us of the joy of being connected with each other and the land we share.

Through our focus on transforming public places, we’re able to:

  • Tackle the climate crisis
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Reconnect children to nature
  • Empower communities

Our Projects

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