Our work

Building great public places is what we do every day — and that work is never done alone.

​​We work with community builders across sectors to solve some of the most pressing issues cities face: climate change, housing affordability, and access to nature and public spaces.

Today, place matters more than ever, and we’re seeing firsthand that a lack of investment in public places has contributed to a connection crisis in our cities that’s damaging the health of people and our planet.

43% of people living in Canadian cities report that they never see their neighbours.

Mental health costs have risen to $50 billion per year in Canada.

30% of urban Canadians feel no sense of connection to their local community.

A lack of social connections is as bad for your health as smoking and not exercising.

Over 50% of people spend less than 5 hours a week in nature.

A lack of exposure to nature has a proven link with: heart disease, anxiety, stress, cognitive function, immune systems, sleep, diabetes, cancer, and allergies.

Studies consistently show that a lack of green space is increasing urban heat and risk of flooding.

Overall, climate change affects the health of ecosystems as well as human health—e.g., the loss of food, medicine and livelihoods provided by nature.

How we work

No two public places are ever exactly the same, just as no two problems require exactly the same solutions. Knowing this, we work with individual communities in three different ways to ensure we’re applying our expertise where and when it’s needed.

Hands in the soil

Transforming public spaces requires a thoughtful process and a lot of hard work. Our teams can often be found with their sleeves rolled up, shoulder to shoulder with the community they are serving, to show what’s truly possible in public spaces.

This approach gives us the opportunity to test, learn, and scale our ideas.

Capacity building

Many of the communities we work with come to us brimming with ideas and even a path forward, but they need support in terms of resource capacity and scaling. This is where our teams use their experience and work closely with community placemakers to offer guidance on the journey from vision to execution.

This approach empowers communities to lead the way and scale the creation of public places they need.

Systems change

When our hands aren’t in the ground, they’re sharpening our pencils and bringing together community leaders, government officials, and purpose-led organizations to create impact at a systems level. Our aim is to positively work across sectors and with government to influence policy decisions that will help us transform public spaces and ultimately lead to a reimagining of how we design cities in Canada and beyond.

This approach opens up the possibility of creating an impact that benefits our children and communities and lasts for generations.

Our work in action

Our work with communities across Canada has created some of the most vibrant public places where people and nature thrive side by side. Each project is a showcase of what’s possible and proof that human activity doesn’t have to mean environmental destruction — even in the heart of our biggest cities. Here are a few flagship projects.

How we're transforming public spaces

Great public places can help solve some of the biggest issues facing our society today.


Find out how our programs are transforming public spaces to improve the health of people and our planet.

AI for the Resilient City

A scalable planning and predictions data visualization tool that enables municipalities to better evaluate infrastructure projects, mitigate climate risks and invest effectively.

Children and youth

Evergreen offers unique children’s programming at Evergreen Brick Works geared towards exploring and discovering the greener side of Toronto.

Climate Ready Schools

Canadian school grounds need to be redesigned for our children, communities and the natural world.

Community Solutions Network

Prepare for tomorrow with tools that improve climate resilience and community engagement.

Festivals and community events

From the Winter Market to Day of the Dead our beloved festivals and community events at Evergreen Brick Works are places to connect with the community, shop from local vendors, eat delicious food, participate in cultural activities, experience live performances, get out into nature and so much more.

Private: Gateway Bicycle Hub

A community project that encourages the repair and repurposing of bicycles.

Housing Supply Challenge Support Program

Evergreen’s HSC support program provides support to applicants by providing guidance, mentorship and the resources needed to develop and improve their submission to the Housing Supply Challenge.

Outdoor recreation

Getting active, particularly outdoors, has so many benefits for our health and wellbeing. It connects people to their city, enabling them to drive the creation of inclusive, healthy public places.

Public Art at Evergreen

Art is city building. Public art enlivens our cities and creates better public spaces to gather, connect, and reflect.

Public Markets

Public markets are at the heart of bustling city life. Thousands of people visit our public markets at Evergreen Brick Works every year to connect with their local community, access fresh and healthy food and support the local economy.

A healthier future tomorrow, needs your support today

Transforming public spaces is a vital step in caring for our planet so that future generations can have healthy, vibrant lives. The impact of the work we all do today is significant. Support the essential work of reconnecting people to each other, their communities, nature, and our planet through better public places.

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