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Seeding Healthy Communities

A national urban food garden initiative that helped build and sustain community gardens.

Three volunteers planting in a community garden.

Seeding Healthy Communities was a national urban food garden initiative that helped to build and sustain community gardens, and delivered gardening programs to neighbourhoods where they don't already exist.

Working in close partnership with a variety of local social service organizations, we helped neighbourhoods improve the health and well-being of people in their community by increasing access to nutritious, affordable, locally grown and culturally relevant food. We also inspired action through increased awareness and skills-building opportunities across the country.

Why Community Gardens?

Shared gardens create healthy, sustainable and more resilient communities. As well as providing a secure source of local, fresh produce and fostering economic self-sufficiency, community food gardens offer people a chance to learn more about nutrition, healthy eating and their local environment. They also create a space for small-scale entrepreneurship and help residents find ways to reduce the impact of climate change where they live. Community food gardens also act as important centres for community engagement, health promotion and neighbourhood development.