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School Ground Greening

Want to make your school grounds greener? We partner with school boards across Canada to transform their school grounds. 

The chain link fence of a schoolyard decorated with painted wooden animals.

Since 2001, Evergreen has been partnering with school boards across Canada to transform their school grounds into areas of green learning and community activity. Through a combination of innovative designs and design process, training programs and policy development, we help students, staff and members of the community bring their school grounds to life. 

Green school grounds are inspired by the natural world, incorporating elements such as trees, rocks and shade to create a diverse landscape for children to explore. When combined with movable features—or with something as simple as sticks and shovels—they can bring out a child’s inner builder, architect and adventurer. 

If you would like to make your local school grounds greener, we can help with step-by-step guides, workshops and a national network of consultants. Evergreen takes a customized approach with each of our school board partners, finding common goals and creating a suite of resources that fits the sustainability needs and learning objectives of each board and its member schools. We also draw on our extensive experience to ensure every project is well-planned and sustainable.  

With the support of a local expert from our national network of design consultants, you can receive assistance with: 

  • Approvals processes – creating clear lines of communication and accountability within the school board
  • Guidance through a child-friendly participatory design process – resulting in coordination between the students, school board, school administrators, facilities staff, external suppliers, parents and the broader community
  • Planning support for project installations – preventing costly mistakes in school-ground modifications and creating high-quality, safe and lasting project designs
  • Design guidelines – providing best practices, standards for design and clarity for all project stakeholders while creating significant efficiencies
  • Education and training – supporting educators at schools and child care centres in the use of and care for their new spaces, and providing the motivation for engaging students in both.

Ready to start?

Contact us by email at and we will connect you with our School Ground Greening Program Manager. We will work with you to support the design and implementation of your greening project. 

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