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Regenerative Landscapes at Evergreen Brick Works

Take part in the joy of being outdoors, community food growing, and stewarding the ecology of the Evergreen Brick Works site. 

Demonstration beds at Evergreen Brick Works

Regenerative landscapes aim to restore the ecological integrity of an area, encourage biodiversity and contribute to the sustainability of the land itself.

Regenerative Landscapes focuses on restoring and transforming underutilized areas at Evergreen Brick Works into inclusive, sustainable and thriving green spaces for the enjoyment of all. Supported by a strong network of community partners and dedicated volunteers, the program aims to support long term sustainability by embedding Indigenous placekeeping principles and climate ready practices into all revitalization work taking place on site.

These transformed spaces at the Brick Works will serve as demonstration sites to showcase what can be achieved through climate resilient design, urban agriculture and community focused outdoor education. 

The areas of Regenerative Landscapes: 

Urban Agriculture

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