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School Ground Planning & Design

Want to make your school grounds greener? We can help with guides, workshops, and a national network of design consultants.
A completed schoolyard after it has been redesigned.

Green school grounds are inspired by the natural world, incorporating elements such as trees, rocks and shade to create a diverse landscape for children to explore. When combined with movable features—or with something as simple as sticks and shovels—they can bring out a child’s inner builder, architect and adventurer.

If you would like to make your local school grounds greener, we can help with step-by-step guides, workshops and a national network of consultants. Our design process begins at the community level, so the end result is meaningful and practical for those who use it most. We make sure that every project is sustainable, and will provide children with year-round opportunities for experimentation and creative play.

Ready to start?

1. Develop a school ground greening plan

These publications will provide you with the tools you need to organize a successful school-ground greening project.

2. Put your plan into action

Contact us by email at and we will connect you with our School Ground Greening Program Manager. We will work with you to support the design and implementation of your greening project.