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Move the GTHA

A collaborative of organizations working together to build awareness and engagement in support of investment in our region’s transportation system.

Pedestrians crossing the street in front of taxis and other road vehicles in Toronto. Image: Mike Derblich
Image: Mike Derblich

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Mobility is a key ingredient to a thriving city. At Evergreen, we believe that mobility in cities must be accessible to everyone, safe and integrated, regionally-connected, and sustainable.

Formed in 2011, Move the GTHA (Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area) was a collective of organizations convened by Evergreen to build awareness and engagement in support of investment in our region’s transportation system. Members formed as a Collective Impact and agreed on a common agenda, developed a shared measurement approach, leveraged resources through mutually reinforcing activities, built continuous communications, and had a backbone structure to mobilize the collective effort.

Move the GTHA supported the development of a robust transportation system that connects our region with a network of public transit, regional rail, GO trains and buses, ride-sharing, and active transportation infrastructure, making it easy and convenient for everyone to get to and from where they live, work and play.

The group was representative of diverse perspectives but unanimous in the understanding that investment in mobility is urgently needed. Move the GTHA advocated for long-term, dedicated funding for an efficient, accessible, affordable and fully integrated regional transportation system, with accountable and effective regional governance mechanisms in place.

Move the GTHA has played an important role in raising awareness, identifying public priorities, concerns and preferences, and garnering support for new revenue tools.

Between 2013 and 2018, Move the GTHA engaged over 80,000 residents on the issue of transit funding through surveys, workshops, virtual town halls, and door-to-door canvassing. In August 2016, Move the GTHA released a report called Are We There Yet? The state of transit investment in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area. Leading up to the 2018 provincial election, Move the GTHA met with all three major political parties to ensure that their party platforms included a commitment to funding projects outlined in the Regional Transportation Plan.

While Move the GTHA is no longer a formally active, the cohort continues to work together through a community of practice to advance a transportation system that connects our region. As well, Evergreen continues to support mobility work through Future Cities Canada.

For more information on Move the GTHA, read Collective Impact in Motion, the Move the GTHA Outcome Harvest Report or visit