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Hamilton Civic Incubator

A comprehensive program that supports emerging and established city-builders in improving their community.
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The City of Hamilton is at an exciting point in its evolution. There is a spirit of optimism and action stemming from its engaged communities, growing and diversified economy, shifting demographics and civic pride in the city’s rich built and natural heritage. However, like many mid-sized cities, Hamilton also faces challenges with intensification, growth targets and an affordable housing crisis.

Building on the successes of 100In1Day Hamilton, we have launched the Civic Incubator — a comprehensive, year-round program that supports emerging and established city-builders to create, implement and scale projects and programs that advance the social, environmental and economic sustainability of their communities.

The Incubator provides skills training and education, mentorship, and access to a network of physical, digital, and human resources, while leveraging the 100in1Day festival to enable action, prototyping, and co-creation with peers.

Read on to learn about the activities we're hosting as part of the Civic Incubator.

Evergreen Community Storefront Hub

Together with hundreds of community groups and associations, local artists and change agents, we have collectively transformed a vacant storefront at 294 James St. N. into a dynamic community hub that responds to local needs by providing opportunities for civic engagement and action.

For more information, please visit our Evergreen Community Storefront Hub page.

Hamiltonians blow bubbles at 100In1Day.

100In1Day Hamilton

100In1Day is a global annual festival of citizen engagement that Evergreen organizes across Canada. The festival fosters community cohesion and capacity building by supporting residents and community organizations to pilot ideas to spark change for a better city.

Since 2015, thousands of Hamiltonians have come together to organize over 400 one-day actions that have led to new connections and sharing, improved city infrastructure and by-law processes, and increased community-driven action and engagement.

For more information and to see some of the activities that haven taken place across Hamilton, visit

A forum at Hamilton storefront.

Community Capacity-Building Workshops

To respond to the local needs of residents, community groups, and local organizations, we have developed a free monthly workshop series that brings together community leaders, practitioners, non-profits, business owners, and academics to strengthen local capacity.

Follow along on our Facebook page for regular updates.

A cardboard city built at Hamilton Supercrawl.

Hamilton Mobility Lab

In collaboration with the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and the City of Hamilton, Evergreen has initiated the Hamilton Mobility Lab to develop a network of transportation users, builders, advocates, and practitioners leading this work in Hamilton. The goal is to identify shared priorities and move forward with an aligned “made in Hamilton” collective action agenda.

More Information

If you would like to know more about Evergreen’s work in Hamilton or find out how you can participate, please contact Jay Carter at