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Green Bloc Neighbourhoods

Helping communities take collective action on climate change and resource consumption, while building a stronger community.
Children creating a mural on the road in a Green Bloc Neighbourhood.

Cities are buzzing with ideas for change. There is a shift to build cities that are resilient to changing climates, growing populations, and ever-increasing infrastructure costs. Many governments are keen to embed change into their planning and policy, but need the support of their residents to make it a reality. At the same time, residents may feel overwhelmed by the pressure to adjust their lifestyle.

That’s where Green Bloc Neighbourhoods comes in! It fills the gap between individual-level and city-level change. Green Bloc Neighbourhood groups take action collectively to address climate change and resource consumption, all while building a stronger sense of community.

People participating in a Green Bloc Neighbourhoods workshop.

Green Bloc features four main components:

  1. Measurement of household and neighbourhood ecological footprints
  2. Facilitated community dialogue and action-focused discussions
  3. Collaborative local greening and sustainability initiatives
  4. Activities to build community cohesion and social inclusion

A man working on his garden. (Photo: Mychaylo Prystupa)

Follow the journey of two Vancouver neighbourhoods—Hastings-Sunrise and South Hill—on the Green Bloc Neighbourhoods website as they receive hands-on support from the Project Team.

For more information on the three-year Project Green Bloc pilot project that took place in Riley Park, Vancouver, check out the resources below.

Environmentalism is not a specialty or discipline but a way of seeing our place in the biosphere. I can't think of a better way to appreciate that perspective than the kind of local initiative represented by Project Green Bloc.

We live in such an interconnected world now that we must reassess our way of life in the context of the collective effects of all of humanity. Congratulations on this initiative that I hope can inspire many more across Canada.
David Suzuki

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