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Don River Valley Park

This project aims to revitalise the Don Valley and help people engage with this remarkable greenspace.
 Image: Geoff Fitzgerald
Image: Geoff Fitzgerald

Toronto's Largest Urban Park is Hiding in Plain Sight

The Don River Valley Park is the centrepiece of Toronto’s rapidly growing downtown: A vast, connected 200-hectare landscape, spanning from Pottery Road south to Corktown Common at the mouth of Lake Ontario.

The Don River Valley is an incomparable but undervalued asset. Largely inaccessible and fragmented, this landscape has remained largely overlooked for decades. With increasing incidences of extreme weather, the environmental and financial consequences of inaction are growing exponentially.

At the same time, there is increasing awareness that the pace and intensity of development in Toronto requires a counterpart—greenspace—to complement the urban core.

The answer is hiding in plain sight: our stunningly beautiful valley system.

As the ‘backyard’ to 250,000 residents (and soon another 60,000), representing some of the greatest cultural and economic diversity in Canada, it is time for Toronto to recognize, reclaim, protect and enhance the Don River Valley.

Evergreen is working with the City of Toronto, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and other key partners to revitalize the Don River Valley. New gateways and access points, pedestrian and cycling trail enhancements, restored green spaces, new public art and educational programs will allow residents and visitors to better enjoy and appreciate the wonders of this remarkable ravine corridor.

In 2017, the Don River Valley Park Art Program was launched with works by Duane Linklater, Maria Hassabi and Life of a Craphead.

The Don River Valley Park Art Program is a curated series of temporary public artworks taking place along the Don River. Local, national and international artists are invited to create site-specific projects that speak to the many histories and present-day realities of the Don Valley and its surrounding communities – looking at the land from ecological, cultural, industrial and Indigenous perspectives and more.

The Art Program is a new hub for art in Toronto, where visitors can return time and again to find new commissions and events unfolding where art meets the natural environment.

To learn more about the Don River Valley Park Project, please visit

This project was generously supported by seed funding from:

Foundation Patrons

  • Frances and Tim Price

Major Patrons

  • Andy Chisholm and Laurie Thomson
  • The Jackman Family
  • Judy and Wilmot Matthews
  • Kelly and Senator Michael Meighen
  • Trans Canada Trails

Project Partners

The City of Toronto Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

Program Funding

Ontario Trillium Foundation