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Climate Risks

In the midst of climate change, vulnerable populations are often highest at risk. 

Hazy smog over the City of Vancouver.

Climate change is one of today’s most critical challenges, but we know that not everyone is impacted by climate change equally.

While Vancouver’s most vulnerable populations, specifically Downtown Eastside residents and seniors, face higher risks of exposure to climate hazards, they have less ability to adapt and fewer opportunities to shape the decisions that impact their lives. For vulnerable populations, climate risks such as extreme heat and poor air quality are a function of exposure to climate hazards, sensitivity to these hazards, and the capacity to adapt.

Recognizing the need to create equitable, community-grounded responses to climate change that builds local resiliency, Evergreen is currently collaborating with the City of Vancouver on the Climate Risks Project to reach vulnerable populations in the city.

The Climate Risks Project works in partnership with the City of Vancouver to improve understanding of the impacts of climate change on vulnerable populations. 

Whether it’s hot, dry, wet or hazy, Vancouver prepares for a future filled with extreme weather.

The project provides pathways for vulnerable populations to share their experiences of climate change, concerns over future risks, and priorities for addressing climate change impacts.

Through public engagement, workshops and innovative solutions, we are working to support these communities in building their resilience and adaptive capacity to climate change.

Volunteer for Climate Risks

Field Researcher – Climate Risks – Summer 2019

Survey seniors and residents in the Downtown Eastside to help understand the key climate change challenges they face. 

Bilingual Scribe-Host (Cantonese/Mandarin –English) - Climate Risks Community Engagement

Use your bilingual English-Chinese language skills to capture input on climate risks from Chinese seniors to develop climate adaption strategies.