Growing Food in the City

What better way is there to put fresh produce at your fingertips than to grow it yourself? Whether you have a large garden plot or sprout alfalfa on your windowsill, you are part of an amazing group of people who are making fresh, healthy food available in even the most sprawling of Canada's concrete jungles.

You can take part in the urban agriculture revolution. Through our programs and partnerships, we are introducing people across the country to the many ways they can take control of their own food supply, no matter where they live.

Seeding Healthy Communities

KashiSeeding Healthy Communities is a national urban food garden initiative that helps to build and sustain community gardens, and delivers gardening programs to neighbourhoods where they don't already exist.

Working in close partnership with you, your neighbours and a variety of local social service organizations, we’d like to help you improve the health and well-being of people in your community by increasing access to nutritious, affordable, locally grown and culturally relevant food. We also seek to inspire action through increased awareness and skills-building opportunities across the country.

Why Community Gardens?

Shared gardens create healthy, sustainable and more resilient communities. As well as providing a secure source of local, fresh produce and fostering economic self-sufficiency, community food gardens offer people a chance to learn more about nutrition, healthy eating and their local environment. They also create a space for small-scall entrepreneurship, and help residents find ways to reduce the impact of climate change where they live. Community food gardens also act as important centres for community engagement, health promotion and neighbourhood development.

Ready to start your community garden project?

Evergreen’s teams can support your project from start to finish. We help you design a food-growing initiative that addresses the unique strengths and needs of your neighbourhood, and we provide expertise in planning, design, fundraising and logistics. Our teams help with meaningful resident engagement and cross-sector support, and we offer a menu of hands-on workshop sessions for existing community gardens throughout the growing season.

Visit Across Canada to discover an Evergreen-supported community garden near you. To get involved, please contact:


Diana Mounce


Ashlee Cooper

Urban Agriculture at Evergreen Brick Works

Experience a dynamic urban growing operation up close—and explore your connection to what you eat! Take part in the joy of growing, preparing and sharing good food by learning more about the urban agriculture program at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto.

Each element you'll see—from food growing to composting—is part of a closed loop system, one that provides a model of sustainable food production you can use as inspiration in your own community and home.

Food Gardens

These gardens showcase innovative food-growing techniques that can be copied and applied anywhere. They include trellising, plant training, balcony gardens, permaculture, companion planting and more. Our different garden themes involve everything from organic and heirloom vegetables, fruits, grains and culinary herbs to edible native plants and flowers. A dedicated group of volunteers assists in planning, developing and maintaining these gardens throughout the season.

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse features raised-bed food gardening, various organic agricultural techniques and window farms to showcase a “full circle” approach to seasonal food-growing in urban areas.

Grow Tubes

This indoor vertical farming system shows how you can grow nutrient-rich food with very little effort. Designed for a cold climate, the system supports the quick growth of sprouts and micro-greens in dark spaces using less than 70 watts of electricity—equivalent to one incandescent light bulb.

Worm Wranglers

This dedicated group of compost-minded volunteers share their expertise in at-home composting, the benefits of waste management and the importance of healthy soil to all visitors at Evergreen Brick Works. Composting is an important element of our “zero-waste” policy and essential for garden health.

The Seniors Garden

Opening in Summer 2014, the Seniors Garden will be a hub for our elder community. Featuring a dedicated, accessible food garden in raised beds with shade covering and seating, the garden will be co-designed, built and maintained by seniors groups with Evergreen staff.

Cooking Classrooms

Two cooking classrooms, one indoor and one outdoor, provide the perfect settings for school groups, families and workshop participants to prepare and enjoy food harvested on-site.