Exploring ways to accelerate the shift to sustainable transportation

Aging infrastructure, increasing urban populations and urban sprawl are placing a strain on our ability to move sustainably. Transportation of people and goods is one of the leading contributors of carbon emissions in Canada accounting for 27 percent of all emissions. To confront these challenges, cities will need creativity and vision for a sustainable future.

We need a new conversation on how we move around and between our cities. More than 80 percent of Canadians live in cities, making urban transportation a challenge nationwide. We need a national vision for urban mobility to ensure investment is made strategically and sustainably. The movement of people and goods within our cities is integral for our economic prosperity.

In 2014, Evergreen took on a leading role with Move the GTHA, a collective impact group of health, labour, business, policy, environment, and citizen advocacy groups, advocating for stronger mobility infrastructure and investment in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area. Move the GTHA works together to build awareness, engagement and education in support of investment in our region’s transportation system.

Collective Impact in Motion (PDF, 2.3MB) is a new report by The Atmospheric Fund and Evergreen that describes the creation and work of the Move the GTHA. It provides an example of what a collective impact group is, how it works, and its purpose as well as how it can be supported and funded.

From regional and international transportation policies, to technological innovations in mobility, Evergreen is engaging Canadians in this national discussion on the future of urban mobility.

Getting On Board

Drafted in partnership with the Pembina Institute, the Getting On Board report examines the engagement and planning processes around ongoing rapid transit projects in four Ontario communities to better understand the challenges and sucess factors associated with these efforts.