Tower Renewal

High-rise apartment buildings behind a green field. Photo: Jesse Colin JacksonThere are nearly 2,000 apartment towers in the Greater Toronto Area that provide shelter to nearly 1 million people. These towers comprise roughly 20 per cent of Toronto’s total housing supply. However, most were built between 1950 and 1970 and require significant upgrade and investment.

The Tower Renewal Project is a bold and innovative venture aimed at retrofitting Toronto’s aging post-war apartment tower clusters into vibrant, socially and economically viable urban communities.

Evergreen CityWorks, in partnership with the Centre for Urban Growth and Renewal and DKGI have formed the Tower Renewal Partnership to further this initiative and engaged in a series of showcase projects. Working with partners across the region, including the Province of Ontario and City of Toronto, Hamilton Housing and others, these Showcase sites will act as a prototype of the full Tower Renewal vision. The Tower Renewal vision has three facets:

  • Energy retrofits of existing buildings to reduce carbon emissions and provide greater efficiencies
  • Social investments to support local economics and enhance the liveability for residents and their communities
  • Re-urbanization and redevelopment of the neighbourhood to add density, a healthy mix of use, and better activated green space

To date, several candidate sites have been identified that have the potential illustrate the project’s vast potential. Analysis and program development is underway to bring this potential to life.

Joining the Tower Partnership, Transolar along with Finn Projects are working together to determine the environmental sustainability and feasibility of the tower retrofit. On the social front, Graser Enterprises is working on the Community Benefits Agreement.

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