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The Greening of a School – Establishing a Pattern of Success and Possibility

Follow the path of 15 years of successful greening projects that have created rich learning opportunities at Don Mills C.I.

Landscaping with water features, aquaponics, greenhouses, urban forestry, design, urban farming and connections to the hospitality industry are a few of the achievements to date. Future projects include an outdoor kitchen and eating area, small scale orchard and planting of grape vines.

See these projects from a point of view of planning, execution, financing, possible struggles and success. Learn how to support your own program with large and small opportunities which will engage your students in a powerful way.


Dan KunanecDan Kunanec
Teacher, Don Mills Collegiate Institute, TDSB

Dan Kunanec is a Green Industries and Technological Design teacher at Don Mills C. I. In Toronto. He has a background in the Design, Construction, and Hospitality industries. He is a winner of a Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Education, for his dynamic and interconnected Green programming.

Urban Agriculture in Schools: Eastdale’s Rooftop Market Garden

Learn how an under-utilized roof space at an inner-city school was transformed into a 1/2 acre thriving rooftop garden.

At Eastdale Collegiate, a successful partnership between the Toronto District School Board and FoodShare’s School Grown program supports students in hands-on learning about urban agriculture and food literacy. The fresh produce grown by the students supplies the school’s culinary program and cafeteria. The harvest is also sold to farmer’s markets and local restaurants, providing students with a first-hand opportunity to learn about social enterprise and sustainability.


Katie GermanKatie German
Field to Table Schools Manager, FoodShare Toronto

Katie German runs School Grown, a schoolyard farming social enterprise of FoodShare Toronto. She combines her youth work experience, high school teaching degree, and urban farming experience to deliver an engaging youth employment program that hires young people to farm their school yards.

David ServosDavid Servos
ACL Science, Numeracy, Physical Education | Eastdale Collegiate Institute, TDSB

David Servos is an educator and beekeeper. He has been teaching high school students about food production and healthy eating for ten years. He currently works closely with Foodshare on the School Grown project.

Creating Water-Wise School Grounds

Archived video coming soon!

Be inspired by innovative school ground greening projects that make the most of water as a resource. Heidi Campbell shares ideas about how to harness rainwater, improve ecological function, and provide learning and play opportunities to explore water on your school grounds. Patrick Rittinger shares his experience in achieving these goals through an in-depth case study of Kitchener-Collegiate, a remarkable school that has transformed their inner city school ground into an urban oasis complete with a rainwater harvesting system.

Green City, Clean Waters: A case study on greening schoolyards in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia is an inspiring example of what can be achieved when groups collaborate to tackle urban watershed issues, revitalize derelict school grounds and connect students to the environment. Learn how to mitigate stormwater issues while creating vibrant green spaces that are good for students, good for learning, good for the environment and good for the city.

This webinar shared the successes of the Philadelphia Green Schools Alliance schoolyard revitalization effort, lead by the Philadelphia Water Department and The Big Sandbox. Lois Brink presents Philedelphia’s Best Management Practices as environmental targets for Green Schoolyards. You will also learn how to connect students to the environment in a meaningful way using citizen science. Matt Fritch shares his experience in engaging students in learning about water and maintaining healthy school gardens through the Water Department’s GreenSTEM Network educational monitoring program.

Go with the Flow: Exploring Local Watersheds with Students

Go with the Flow inspires teachers to integrate art, water-focused education and action-based projects into their curriculum. Inspiration is drawn from successful examples by artists and schools that are raising awareness about water issues.

Water Quality Monitoring in Outdoor Education

This webinar explores water-quality monitoring as an educational tool to teach students about water and the local environment. It provides practical information about how to integrate water-quality monitoring into your own practices.

Ecoliteracy through active citizenship

Engaging students in action-based activities that influence positive change for the environment can deepen their understanding of nature, make learning meaningful, empower students, and foster leadership skills. Learn how to integrate active citizenship in your educational programs as we explore approaches, techniques and inspiring examples.