Watershed Champions

Teaching Tools

We have developed tips and activities to encourage teaching and learning about local watersheds and water supply. Use these tools to support your class in asking questions, exploring the local watershed and becoming watershed stewards.

Environmental Teaching Strategies

Water, water everywhere … But are you wondering where to start?

Look to our helpful teaching strategies. We have also provided a list of questions that offer a good starting point.

Classroom Resources

'Go With The Flow: Teaching and Taking Action for a Healthier Watershed’ is a resource for teaching students from kindergarten to
grade 12 how the planning, design, land use and stewardship of our
school grounds impact the flow and quality of water through our
local watersheds.

Click here to download 'Go With The Flow: Teaching and Taking Action for a Healthier Watershed' (PDF, 15MB).


These activities are lesson ideas for elementary and intermediate classes and their teachers. They are not tailored to specific grades, but rather designed to spark your ideas. We hope you’ll adapt them to suit the needs of your class.

The activities are divided into three sections:

Teacher Training

Check out our webinars for additional ideas and approaches to teaching about water, outdoor learning, active citizenship and caring for the local watershed.

Helpful Publications

We have also listed helpful publications about watersheds, water and environmental education to support your learning. These are subdivided into:

Outdoor Classroom Newsletter

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