Watershed Champions

Be a Watershed Champion

Know your local watershed and take action to care for it!

Evergreen’s Watershed Champions program is designed to inspire and equip elementary and intermediate classes across Canada to learn more about their local watershed.

Children have a natural curiosity about the world around them and an instinct to care for the environment. By teaching students about the dynamics of their local watershed and how to take care of it, schools can help maintain the vitality of the ecosystem.

How you can be a Watershed Champion

Calling all water-wise teachers!
Bring water to life for your class by exploring the local watershed first-hand. Check out our Teaching Tools section for tips and lesson plans for learning about watersheds, as well as our webinars coming this fall.

Take action to care for your local watershed
Want to make a difference in your community? Visit our Take Action section for ideas about what your class can do to make a difference.

Looking for more ideas? Keep in touch!
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What is a Watershed?

A watershed is a land basin that drains into a single body of water—a creek, a river, a wetland, a lake or an ocean. When speaking of a watershed, we refer to all components of the ecosystem within its boundaries.

Watersheds can be different sizes. If we trace the way water flows, we see that one watershed drains into another, forming a nested system. For example, the Milk River watershed, shared between southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, drains into the Missouri River and Mississippi River watersheds, eventually flowing into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

Why Learn About Watersheds?

Healthy watersheds are vital to sustaining all life on Earth—from wild plants to animals to people. They are the source of our drinking water, and they supply the water needed on farmer’s fields to grow our food. Every watershed is different, shaped by variations in geology, weather, ecology and human activity. The more we understand about our watershed, the better chance we have of sustaining a clean and healthy water supply.

About Evergreen

The Watershed Champions program is a natural extension of Evergreen's 20-year history of supporting school-ground greening and teacher training for outdoor learning in schools across Canada. Learn more about greening your school ground here.