Published on October 4, 2022

Evergreen unveils Canada’s first Climate Ready School Ground

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TORONTO, ONTARIO (October 4, 2022) – Evergreen marks the completion of its Climate Ready Schools Pilot at a Milton, ON public school on Thursday, October 6, 2022, as part of a school- and community-wide celebration. The first-of-its-kind in Canada, the Climate Ready Schools project has transformed the school ground at Irma Coulson Public School into a healthy environment that helps nurture child development through outdoor play and learning and mitigate the effects of a changing climate. A partnership between Evergreen and the Halton District School Board (HDSB), the pilot sets a new standard of how school boards across Canada can extend the use of school grounds beyond school hours and into the surrounding community.


“School grounds provide a sense of place that builds pride, ownership, and a sense of belonging in public space for children and the community by encouraging participation, stewardship and a deep connection to the natural world,” says Lois Lindsay, Chief Program Officer at Evergreen. “The Climate Ready Schools program is the next step in our over 30-year legacy of transforming school grounds across the country, showcasing how schools and community spaces can play a pivotal role in adapting to climate change.”


“This is a truly exciting partnership between the Halton District School Board and Evergreen, and draws on the expertise of many professionals from around the world and the generosity of several donors,” says Ian Gaudet, Superintendent of Facility Services, Halton District School Board. “This project delivers many concepts into a stimulating and revitalized school ground that supports the HDSB’s student-led climate declaration designed to address mitigation measures of climate change. The layout and structure of this Climate Ready School site offers so many opportunities for students’ cognitive, physical, emotional and social development.”


Launched in 2020, Evergreen’s Climate Ready Schools program brings best practices from around the world and combines them with the lessons and relationships built through its transformation of over 6,000 Canadian school grounds. Canada’s school grounds represent hundreds of thousands of acres of land. Many are covered by asphalt and concrete, contributing to the urban heat island effect and becoming hotspots for flooding during heavy rain. Partnering with HDSB, the Irma Coulson Public School pilot set out to transform the entire 4.5-hectare school ground, home to 1,000-plus kindergarten to grade 8 elementary school students, from a wind-swept school ground comprising compacted soils, seasonal flooding, persistent muddy conditions, dying trees, little shade and dusty hot conditions in summer due to expansive areas of asphalt into an outdoor climate-resilient learning hub.


For this project, Evergreen worked with Berlin-based landscape architect Birgit Teichmann, integrating the Sponge School Ground Strategy, which removes impermeable surfaces and replaces them with extensive vegetation, allowing the site to act as a giant sponge. This design helps ensure the school ground can absorb 100% of the rainfall, mitigating flood risks while moderating temperatures and providing shade.


From the start, a participatory design process brought together teachers, students, parents, neighbours, and school board administrators to build a vision for the school grounds. Design workshops and site visioning sessions with students helped reveal children’s perceptions and priorities, such as shade, seating and more places to climb. The community engagement plan also included meetings, conversations, and surveys with school staff, parents and school community members, which indicated a desire for more nature, trees for shade, seating, pathways and places to climb, dig, socialize, and play with sand and water. In June, students from the Irma Coulson Garden Club, teachers and parent volunteers helped plant shrubs around the Outdoor Classroom. Leading up to the new school year, professional development was provided for teachers to build their capacity to facilitate child-friendly approaches to designing and planning the school grounds, and to increase their confidence to teach outdoors.


Highlights of the Climate Ready School Ground include:

  • Landscaping and plantings that mitigate heat, absorb water, and increase biodiversity; topography to add height and help to buffer strong winds
  • Accessible pathways that provide essential circulation and sense of movement through the space
  • Water and sand play to ignite opportunities for imaginary play and build social skills, specifically sharing and cooperating
  • Large parkour, accessible hill slide, and crawl tunnel, provides a multi-use play environment inviting children to test their bodies, improve their physical strength, and gain confidence in their abilities to climb, jump, and manage risk
  • Outdoor classroom to be used as a gathering space for students and the community
  • Areas for various age groups provide a variety of play–learning opportunities meeting children’s developmental needs
  • Welcome Plaza for parents and families to meet socialize and linger before and after school; an additional entrance welcomes the community to use the school grounds outside school hours


The Irma Coulson School Pilot is a partnership between Evergreen and the Halton District School Board. The Pilot is generously funded by the Balsam Foundation, Intact Financial Corporation, and other key funders, with in-kind support from Arup.

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