Reconnecting children to nature

Developing a happier, healthier generation

The challenge facing our cities

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of city life, it’s easy for children to get swept up in a world of technology and indoor activities — spending three times as many hours on screens as outside. But children need the luxury of slowness and groundedness that nature truly offers. They need places that spark a lifelong love for the natural world and bring them into step with the rhythms of the seasons.


  • 80% of Canadians live in urban areas
  • 9 out of 10 Canadian children do not meet the recommended level of physical activity
  • The average North American child spends fewer than 30 minutes playing outside each day

A connection with nature increases children’s physical, mental, and social development while also opening up the potential to be the next generation of advocates for the natural world.

How we’re meeting the challenge

In our work we’re focused on connecting children to nature by:

Connecting kids to nature

Access to nature is a huge barrier for many children in our cities today, which is why our programs are focused on finding ways to bring kids to nature, no matter where they live, while cultivating a lifelong stewardship mindset for the nature around us. We help nurture curiosity and develop urban naturalist skills at all ages. We do this through our Visiting Schools Program and by working with communities across Canada to help them transform their own spaces into green places.

Keeping nature fun and accessible

All of our programs aimed at children are designed with fun at the centre while our highly skilled outdoor educator team curates activities allowing for risky play that is ‘as safe as necessary’ rather than ‘as safe as possible’. Whether we’re hosting school camps, transforming playgrounds, or giving kids the freedom to explore trails and gardens, it’s fun that keeps them coming back again and again.

Educating adults and kids

A true connection with nature can be a shared connection with nature. And in order to inspire children to form a meaningful connection with the natural world, they need their role models to be part of that journey. Our team works directly with educators and families to bring everyone along the journey of deepening their love, appreciation, and connection with nature.

Our programs

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