Improving health and wellbeing

Healing, vibrant, green places for healthier people

The challenge facing our cities

We are more disconnected from each other and nature in our cities than ever before. As social beings, this disconnection is bad for our health, and is strongly linked to a slew of health issues, from anxiety and depression to heart disease and diabetes. And as more and more people find themselves living in cities, it’s vital that the future of urban life has an abundance of opportunities for people to connect with others and the natural world.


  • 80% of Canadians live in urban areas.
  • Chronic diseases — e.g. heart disease and cancer — are responsible for 65% of all deaths in Canada every year.
  • 40% of people in Canada report being lonely some or all of the time, with social isolation a proven factor in a range of physical and mental health issues.

Access to public places that connect people with their community and nature is proven to reduce loneliness and the risk of chronic diseases.

How we’re meeting the challenge

In our work we’re focussed on improving health and wellbeing by:

Providing greener places

We work with communities across Canada to bring nature into the heart of our cities. By ‘greening’ public places, we’re opening up access to nature for more people and enabling them to enjoy the benefits of time spent outdoors surrounded by their community.

Creating accessible programming

Truly great places are great for everyone. That’s why we’re continuously striving to ensure that our programs and places are available to everyone, no matter their abilities.

Bringing people together

Social connections are the ultimate health hack, with social connections boosting your health the same way that exercise does. That’s why we need public places that connect us to what matters most, and now is the time to make that happen.

Our programs

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Invest in the health of your community

Changing how we build better public spaces takes time and a whole lot of support from people like you. Access to places that improve people’s health and wellbeing is a right everyone should have. Help us make this a reality for communities across Canada by investing in a healthier future.

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