Empowering communities

Emboldening the voices, ideas, and actions of the communities we serve.

The challenge facing our cities

Across our cities today, many people feel powerless to get involved in their local community in a meaningful way, even when they’re brimming with great ideas. Oftentimes, they are in need of the resources, expertise, or connections to turn a great idea into something that their community will love. Scaling change across our country begins with empowering communities with what they need to build public spaces that serve their needs and those of our planet.

How we’re meeting the challenge

In our work we’re focussed on empowering communities by:

Working collaboratively

At Evergreen, we never work alone. All of our work is done with the communities we serve, ensuring that the voice of the community is the driving force behind the work. Through this approach, we can guarantee that we’re creating public places that communities truly need and will ultimately love and enjoy.

Bringing experts together

Our team is part of a national network of community seekers, placemakers, and investors, all of whom bring different expertise to our work. By bringing all of these different voices together, we’re continuously learning, growing, and innovating so that we’re forever creating better public places.

Inspiring and resourcing other placemakers

Our work goes far beyond our own work. We know that empowering communities leads to empowered communities—communities that produce their own great placemakers and inspire the next generation to take on the task.

Our programs

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Invest in the voice of your communities

Communities need the platform and resources to bring great ideas to life. Support the voices of emerging community leaders by supporting place-based programs today.

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Get in touch

We love learning and sharing with our community, so contact us anytime. Whether you’ve got a great new idea for public places, a burning question about our work, or a perspective on something you’ve seen or experienced through Evergreen or at Evergreen Brick Works, we’re here to hear it.

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