Festivals and community events

We engage thousands of visitors through our well-known, activity-packed and beloved festivals and community events at Evergreen Brick Works every year.

Events you won't want to miss

From the Winter Market to Day of the Dead to Seedy Saturday, you’ve likely been to a festival at Evergreen Brick Works in the past. If you haven’t, these festivals are places to connect with the community, shop from local vendors, eat delicious food, participate in cultural activities, experience live performances, get out into nature and so much more.

Day of the Dead at Evergreen Brick Works. Photo by Stanley Shoolman
Winter Market at Evergreen Brick Works
Artisan & Vintage Market at Evergreen Brick Works

Investing in people, community, and nature

By providing great spaces, great atmosphere, great food and great people, it’s our goal for festivals and community events at the Brick Works to connect people to each other and to nature, while supporting local businesses.

To connect the community

We aim to provide the space and opportunity for people to connect with each other in Toronto. Our festivals and community events are the perfect place to bring your family, spend the day with a friend or meet a stranger.

To support local vendors.

Each festival and community event at the Brick Works supports a wide variety of local vendors including, those selling prepared foods, vintage items, arts and craft, jewellery, candles and clothing.

To connect people to nature.

Evergreen Brick Works sits in a picturesque ravine in the heart of the Don Valley. Many of the activities at our festivals and community events, like Weekend Nature Play in the Children’s Garden, skating in Koerner Gardens, hikes and tours, aim to get people into nature (no matter the season).

Thousands of people visit Evergreen Brick Works for our festivals & community events every year.

  • In 2022, approximately 7000 people visited Evergreen Brick Works for the Winter Market.
  • There were 65 artisan vendors and ten food vendors at the Winter Market in 2022.
  • In 2022, approximately 5000 people visited Evergreen Brick Works for our Day of the Dead celebration.
  • There were 26 artisan vendors and nine food vendors at Day of the Dead in 2022.
What’s On

“Evergreen Brick Works’ Winter Market was the best market that I attended as a vendor. The Brick Works site has a very special charm and energy, and the way the market was organized made it feel like the whole old building was revived in a festive mood.”

Winter Market Vendor, 2022

The Winter Market

Join us this December for our highly acclaimed Winter Market! It’s the perfect place to pick up a locally made present, sip on hot chocolate, eat delicious food, ice skate on our picturesque rink and play in the snowy Children’s Garden. Add this fun-filled market to your winter bucket list, and stay tuned for dates!

Festivals and community events are made possible by our volunteers.

Make a lasting impression on your community today.