Children and youth

Evergreen’s children’s programming aims to make available the many benefits of place-based outdoor play and learning for children and youth.

About our children and youth programs

Evergreen offers unique children’s programming at Evergreen Brick Works geared towards exploring and discovering the greener side of Toronto. When we engage children in new environments, we provide opportunities for their future success. Through experiential play in natural environments, we help children embrace confidence and empathy, constructive problem-solving and skill development. Children’s programming at Evergreen Brick Works includes Weekend Nature Play, Day Camps, Kids’ Clubs, Nature School, School Visits and Professional Development for Educators.

Weekend Nature Play

Day Camps

Sprouts: The Early Years

Nature School

School Visits

Children and youth programming objectives

We create programs that are engaging, active, inclusive, memorable, and fun! We strive to connect children and youth to nature in the city with the following principles woven into every experience:

Ecological & place-based

Providing children and youth direct contact with nature through building a foundation of knowledge with a focus on local ecology, history, culture and community.

Experiential & active

Creating an environment for compelling learning through multi-sensory activities and risky play where children move their bodies to engage their mind, develop motor skills, and build a sense of confidence.

Integrated & arts-infused

Breathing life into learning through creativity, storytelling and crafting by drawing from Indigenous teachings and knowledge through ecological themes and engaging experiences.

Outcomes and impact

Through our various children’s programs at Evergreen, we strive to make nature accessible for children and youth alike. Whether it’s providing financial assistance through our bursary model for our camp programming or offering free community programming such as Weekend Nature Play, our goal is to bring children and youth closer to Toronto’s urban wild.

  • In 2022, we had 657 unique campers attend Adventure and Bike Ventures Camp. 58 unique campers attended on a bursary (from 25% – 95% subsidized) for a total of 73 total camp weeks.
  • In 2022, we had 8400+ guests come to Weekend Nature Play.
  • So far in 2023, we’ve had 8049 guests come to Weekend Nature Play.
  • 6,748 students participated in school programs with Evergreen in 2022 (this includes Visiting Schools and Virtually Outdoors). 3,677 (54%) participated for free through our bursary program.

“I like the disorganized organization. There is an organized structure, but it’s freeform. The children have some direction, but they can really use their imaginations.”

Children’s Garden Visitor, 2022 

Join us for Winter Day Camps, PA Day Camps and Sprouts: The Early Years at Evergreen Brick Works!

We are offering a diverse suite of children’s programming this fall and winter. Join us and experience the magic of the changing seasons as we embark on outdoor adventures together!

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