Plant a Native Sapling $40

Planting a tree is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Trees create habitat and food sources for local wildlife, filter our water, purify our air, prevent soil erosion and provide shelter and shade. With your support, Evergreen will plant a native tree in a Canadian city, transforming a vacant lot into a community garden that creates habitat for urban wildlife. These future giants will improve our environment for decades. Now that's an investment!

Adopt an Apple Tree $75

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, just imagine what a whole apple tree can do! This gift purchases an apple tree for Evergreen's Great Northern Way Urban Orchard in Vancouver, and nurtures it throughout the year with the necessary soil, nutrients, and maintenance to help it thrive. The fruits of this labour are harvested by volunteers and transported to communities in need. It always tastes better when you share!

Plant a Pollinator Garden $250

Celebrate the birds and the bees—and give our vital pollinators a home! With bee populations plummeting, you can take action to outfit a garden in a public park or school ground with plants that look and smell good for humans and pollinators alike. From hummingbirds and beetles to honey bees and butterflies, pollinators help our food grow, and play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity.

Plant a Community Garden $750

Do you dig gardening? Help a Canadian community unearth the benefits of nature and re-engage with their environment by supporting an urban community garden. With this gift Evergreen will re-naturalize a bleak urban space into a thriving community hub. Whether large or small, on the ground or on a rooftop, your gift plants a garden as unique and diverse as the community that tends it.