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Kiln Building Redevelopment

Photo of kiln building rendering by LGA Architectural Partners

Evergreen has set a carbon neutral target for Evergreen Brick Works starting with the redevelopment of the historic kiln building. The design of the revived heritage space not only offers up new possibilities in the way of developing sustainable cities, but also provides a unique chance to drive change for future low carbon sites across Canada.

The restored building will further position the national hub as a place for innovation and sustainability that enables flourishing cities. Evergreen Brick Works will continue to be a gathering place for interactive workshops and community programs that produce ideas focused on working collaboratively to imagine and design cities of the future.

The existing kiln building at Evergreen Brick Works.

The Design Approach

This new project offers a unique opportunity to drive more action towards advancing sustainable cities by incorporating renewable energy technologies and green construction practices.

Evergreen’s redevelopment of the kiln building is one of the first in Canada to set and strive for a carbon neutral target.

Some of the green design features include:

  • Solar thermal integrated with the ground source system to collect and store heat for use during the winter months
  • A high efficiency, renewable and geo-exchange system to heat and cool other buildings on site, creating a near zero carbon campus
  • Unique raised cavity floor system in combination with low impact landscape design strategies for flood and stormwater management

The kiln building is one of 16 historically significant buildings that reside at Evergreen Brick Works. Redevelopment of the building, currently subject to flooding and freeze-thaw cycles, will ensure the historic brick kilns are protected for years to come while highlighting the heritage features of the space.

Evergreen developed the adaptive reuse of the kiln building through a consultation process with the City of Toronto’s Heritage Preservation Services, Ontario Heritage Trust and the Toronto and Region Conversation Authority. The team worked together to ensure the preservation of the building’s heritage features.

Kiln building at Evergreen Brick Works.

Visitor experience

The two-phase construction process will begin March 1, 2017 in the south section and will reopen March 31, 2017, when construction shifts to the north section through the end of the year.

The rest of Evergreen Brick Works is operating under regular hours and access, enjoy!

Please note, your visit may be during construction times that include some periods of loud noise.

During this period there will be limited parking in the East lot. The West and Central lots will remain open.

Please consider alternative methods of transportation during this time.

The redevelopment of the kiln building is in partnership with industry leader EllisDon, mechanical engineers Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions and manufacturing partner CRH Canada, and the design team led by LGA Architectural Partners in consultation with heritage design specialists ERA Architects.

Other partners include: Structural engineer ARUP, electrical engineer Ianuzziello & Associates, civil engineer SCS Consulting Group and project manager Waverly Projects.