Promotional Opportunities

Frequently-Asked Questions

Where is Evergreen Brick Works located?

Evergreen Brick Works
550 Bayview Ave.
Toronto, ON
M4W 3X8

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What is the size of the space provided?

We can accommodate up to a 20’ X 20’ footprint.

Can my organization exhibit in the Farmer’s Market?

No, the Farmer’s market is reserved for vendors. Promotional exhibitor space is available in the Commons Area, adjacent to the Farmer’s Market but not within it.

When are promotional opportunities available?

Exhibitor space is offered from the first Saturday in May through to the first Saturday in November. You are eligible to be onsite between 7am to 2pm.

What do vendors need to bring?

Vendors are responsible for providing all of their own equipment and materials (including tables and chairs). We encourage you to bring your own tent/covering to protect against rain and sun. Please note: overnight storage is not available.

Where can I park?

Parking is available in the Evergreen Brick Works lot at the cost of $6/day on weekdays and $8/day on weekends.

Will I have access to electricity?

Access to a standard 120v outlet will be provided. 

I read that proceeds support Evergreen, what does that mean?

Evergreen Brick Works is a social enterprise owned and operated by Evergreen, a national charity. Evergreen’s mission is to inspire and enable action to green cities. Proceeds from promotional space rental are just one of Evergreen Brick Works’ revenue-generating streams. These funds go back into helping Evergreen provide quality environmental education and programming on the site. 

How do I book an exhibitor space?

For more information or to book a space, contact us at