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Evergreen Brick Works Day Camps

Let your child explore the wilderness that lies beneath Toronto's urban landscape

 Image: Mike Derblich
Image: Mike Derblich

Evergreen offers unique children’s day camps at Evergreen Brick Works that are geared towards exploring and discovering the greener side of Toronto.

We currently offer eight unique experiences at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto for your child to enjoy:

With more nature than any other city of its size in the world, Toronto offers children an ideal environment in which to uncover the wilderness that lies beneath the urban landscape. Our experience is that day camps focused on outdoor play can activate the body and engage the mind, inviting campers to develop a new relationship with the natural world and inspiring a new generation of environmental stewards in the process.

At Evergreen, we create our day camp programs based on the following principles:

  • Place Based – building a foundation of knowledge through a focus on local nature, culture and community.
  • Ecological – providing children direct contact with nature.
  • Hands-on – creating a setting for compelling learning through multi-sensory, direct experiences.
  • Active and mobile – moving the body to engage the mind.
  • Arts-infused – breathing life into learning through creativity, compelling narratives and arts activities.
  • Integrated – weaving together knowledge and skill through ecological themes and engaging experiences.

For more information, contact us at or 416-596-1495 x252.

Banner image credit Mike Derblich.