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Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Evergreen Brick Works.

What is this place?

Evergreen Brick Works is an abandoned brick factory turned community hub. It’s a place where the world can experience sustainable practices that enable flourishing cities of the future.

Evergreen Brick Works connects citizens, business, academia and government to turn what-if’s into how to’s that will shape our cities for the better. For real.

All the activities you take part in; weekly Farmers Market, outdoor Children Garden, exhibitions, ravine walks and bike rides, conferences, talks and green design features are how we showcase and inspire innovative ideas. Evergreen Brick Works enables visitors to take solutions back to their home, business, community and cities across Canada.

To learn more about Evergreen, which operates Evergreen Brick Works, visit our About page.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, dogs are allowed on-leash in outdoor areas. Dogs are not permitted inside buildings or in the food court area of the markets. Please refer to our dog policy for more information. 

Evergreen Brick Works Pet Policy (PDF 75k)

How can I get to Evergreen Brick Works without driving?

Some other means of transportation include the free shuttle from Broadview Station, the TTC bus from Davisville Station, biking along the Bayview multi-use path, or walking through the Don River Valley Park trails.

Is the shuttle bus free? Where does it go? Is it wheelchair accessible? Can it take bikes?

The shuttle bus is free and travels from Broadview Station to Evergreen Brick Works approximately every half hour. It has a lift for wheelchairs and stroller accessibility. It also has a bike rack for riders to use.

For more information, including schedules, visit our Shuttle Bus page.

Where can I find info on activities?

You can visit our online What’s On event calendar, pick up a What’s On handout or check out our message boards and screens on-site. 

How much is parking?

For 30 minutes it costs $2.25, for 1 hour it costs $4, for 2 hours it costs $6, or for a full day it costs $8.

As parking on-site is limited and fills up quickly on peak days, we recommend considering other methods of getting here. 

For more information, visit our parking page.

Can I take photos on-site?

Evergreen Brick Works’ mix of industrial and natural features provides an amazing backdrop for your engagement, wedding or family photo shoots. For any photo shoots, except casual tourist shots or day-out-with-the-family photos, we require a permit.

For more information, visit our Photography Policy page.

Can I host my event at Evergreen Brick Works?

We host everything from corporate meetings to birthday parties to charity galas. Please see the Event Space Rental page for more details, or contact the events team directly. 

What walking/hiking trails are nearby?

Evergreen Brick Works is nestled in the heart of the Don River Valley Park, which provides many varieties of walking, hiking, and biking trails from Pottery Road to Corktown Commons.

For more information on trails, visit the Don River Valley Park website.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes, we keep any items lost here at the Welcome Desk inside the Young Welcome Centre. If you lost something during your visit, please contact or call 416-596-7670.

Can I charge my electric vehicle at Evergreen Brick Works?

Electric Car Charging Stations: You can now charge your electric vehicle at Evergreen Brick Works. Three new charging stations have been installed for you to choose from. With these new charging stations, you can enjoy the Brick Works and its surrounding region while your vehicle is charging. Click here for more info.

If you still have questions about Evergreen Brick Works, please contact our Welcome Desk at 416-596-1495 x495 or email