Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Evergreen Brick Works.

How can I host my event at the Brick Works?

We host everything from corporate meetings to birthday parties to charity galas. Please see the Event Space Rental page for more details or contact the events team directly.

What are the opening hours of the Don River Valley Park?

The Don River Valley Park is always open!

What walking/hiking trails are nearby?

Evergreen Brick Works is nestled in the heart of the Don River Valley Park, which provides many varieties of walking, hiking, and biking trails from Pottery Road to Corktown Commons.

For more information on trails, visit the Don River Valley Park website.

Are there any restaurants at the Brick Works?

Picnic Café & Catering is the perfect place for a pit stop when visiting the Brick Works. They’re open every day from 8:30am – 6pm. View their menu.

Can I take photos on site?

Evergreen Brick Works’ mix of industrial and natural features provides an amazing backdrop for your engagement, wedding or family photoshoots. For any photoshoots, except casual tourist shots or day-out-with-the-family photos, we require a permit.

For more information, visit our Photography Policy page.

Full Parking FAQ

For 30 minutes it costs $2, for 1 hour it costs $4, for 2 hours it costs $8, or for a full day it costs $10.

As parking on-site is limited and fills up quickly on peak days (Saturdays and Sunday), we recommend considering other methods of getting here. You are welcome to call ahead at 416-596-7670 to inquire about availability of parking spots on specific days.


Is there a fee to enter/how much is parking?
While we do not have admission to EBW, those who are driving to the site will need to pay for parking. At the meter, it is $10/daily.


How do I pay for parking?
At the meter/online/through the app.


My ticket didn’t print – how will they know I paid?
It is logged in their database + they can look up your license plate to check. If you are unsure that your transaction was successful – check your bank statement.

If you require a receipt for any reason, please contact our third party parking company Indigo for more info: https://ca.parkindigo.com/en/faq


How/what do I do if I get a ticket?

Instructions can be found on the ticket. Evergreen cannot dispute a ticket on your behalf. Should you have any questions, you can follow up with Indigo Parking.

For disputes: toronto.appeals@group-indigo.com


Why do I have to pay for parking/Where does the money go?

Parking helps support various programs, such as Nature Play, our free Shuttle Bus and other great Evergreen workshops/events.


Why can’t I pay cash?

Due to our location and limited hours, we are unable to have cash onsite.


*Evergreen Brick Works does not manage parking. https://ca.parkindigo.com/en/faq

Can I charge my electric vehicle at the Brick Works?

Yes, there are three charging stations available at the Brick Works. These are paid parking spots.

If I'm not coming by car, how do I get to the Brick Works?

We encourage our visitors to use sustainable forms of transportation, when they can. You can take the free Shuttle Bus from Broadview Station, the TTC Bus from Davisville Station, bike along the Bayview multi-use path, or walk through the Don River Valley Park trails.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes, we keep any items lost at the Welcome Desk in Building 14. If you lost something during your visit, please contact info@evergreen.ca or call 416-596-7670.


You can see our Visitor Map here.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, dogs are allowed on-leash in outdoor areas excluding the Children’s Garden. Dogs are not permitted inside buildings.

Your furry friend is welcome to join you at the outdoor Farmers Market but must stay outside of any indoor spaces at the Brick Works.

You must:

  • Keep dogs on a short leash.
  • Keep dogs on the ground.
  • Clean up after them if an accident happens.
  • Stay aware and vigilant of their behaviour around children, other dogs and food.

If your dog becomes aggressive or disruptive, you may be asked to remove them from the Farmers Market.

Have more questions?

If you still have questions about Evergreen Brick Works, please contact our Welcome Desk at 416-596-1495 x495 or email info@evergreen.ca.