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Markets & Food

The Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market.

Since the day Evergreen Brick Works opened to the public, our food and markets strategy has been structured around providing sustainable and accessible products, produce and food to all.

By supporting local businesses, which includes our own ventures as well as our vendors, partners and food producers, we are helping create a sustainable economy necessary to fuel flourishing cities.

Whether you are sipping a warm drink at Café Belong, buying native plants for your yard from Evergreen Garden Market, shopping for the perfect local gift from the Sunday Artisan Market or picking up seasonal produce from the Saturday Farmers Market, you are guaranteed to purchase something that is socially equitable, ecologically sustainable and in support of the local economy.

Our public markets act as incubators for small businesses, allowing them the space to grow into successful, sustainable businesses that enhance our local economy. Since its inception, the success of our public markets program enables us to test new ideas and scale solutions, positioning Evergreen Brick Works as a known leader in sustainable ideas for public markets across the country.

Farmers Market Vendor interacting with a customer at Evergreen Brick Works. Image Credit: Rob Greatrix
Platter of locally grown food roasted in the outdoor oven at Evergreen Brick Works' Summer Wednesdays. Image Credit: Len Dobrucki

As a social enterprise, our revenue-generating ventures help to fund the work Evergreen does. Through this business model we are helping to create a sustainable economy; we are driving change in the business market place and providing a platform for local businesses to grow. Learn more about our work as a social enterprise. 

If you're looking for local produce, to meet makers and artisans, or are looking for great food and craft drinks, see what we have to offer!