Corporate team building

Leave your screens behind and bond with your colleagues through fun, inspiring and unique team building experiences at Evergreen Brick Works

The role of team building has become a key priority for businesses as it is proven to boost team morale, encourage creativity, increase motivation, reduce stress and improve health and wellbeing. We believe it is time for you to experience the benefits of team building amongst nature in the city!  


Access to nature can be challenging for most people in our cities today! Over 50% of people spend less than 5 hours a week in nature. Nestled in the heart of Toronto’s Don Valley, our Corporate Team Building program offers a chance to reconnect with nature as you connect and bond with each other. 

Our packages

Our carefully crafted packages, along with the expertise from our highly skilled outdoor educators, will bring your team together to connect with each other and the land we share.  


Whether you’re looking to compete, bond, give back or relax, we’ve got something for everyone.  Note: All activities run in rain, shine or snow.


To learn more about Corporate Team Building at Evergreen Brick Works, see our Package Booklet

Adventure Package

Active – Experiential – Leadership 


Are you searching for fun and active ways to connect with your team amongst nature? 


Choose your own adventure and explore Toronto’s urban wild as you venture through the Lower Don Valley as a team. This package is ideal for groups interested in active exploration or anyone seeking to improve team collaboration. 


To learn more about our Adventure Package, see our Package Booklet. 

Wellness Package

Holistic – Nourishing – Relaxing


Are you keen on reducing your team’s stress and burnout levels? 


Slow down and deepen your relationships as a team with creatively designed activities that will leave everyone feeling invigorated. This package is ideal for groups interested in mindfulness or anyone wanting to boost their team’s connection on a deeper level. 


To learn more about our Wellness Package, see our Package Booklet. 

Sustainability Package

Community – Health – Stewardship


Looking for ways to engage with community and nature in the Lower Don Valley?


Discover the power of giving back through stewardship by reconnecting with nature at the Evergreen Brick Works. This package is ideal for groups interested in reciprocity while supporting healthier green spaces in the city.


To learn more about our Sustainability Package, see our Package Booklet. 


Canada Helps

Our management team loved the programming! Our Slack channel was lit up with all the highlights for the rest of the day. We certainly plan to extend the opportunity to other teams. 

The Hospital of Sick Kids

The event was a huge success, and we are so incredibly grateful for your amazing staff, well-run activities, delicious snacks, and of course, the beautiful grounds that accommodated our event. I will definitely be in touch. Thanks so much for everything. 

Paradigm PR

Everyone was very engaged and happy to get outside for an afternoon! I’ve recommended Brickworks to our leadership team for future consideration. 

CP Planning

It was a fantastic time. Thank you so much for facilitating that experience for us

Exodus Travels

Thank you so much to you and your team for leading the event. We all had a great time and really enjoyed the opportunity to get out, explore and interact with the beautiful space

Focus Asset Management

Our team had a fantastic time at Evergreen! It was an engaging and competitive afternoon so thank you to your team for pulling it off.

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Scavenger Hunt


Nature Wander

Fire Challenge

Clay Works

Seed Ball Activation

Cyanotyping Postcards

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Unleash your team’s potential by booking your team building experience at Evergreen Brick Works. Our unrivaled venue offers the perfect combination of discovery and connection through our team building activities that will help your team bond and grow. 

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