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Vendor Profile: Vauxhall Farm

Region: Niagara Region

Category: Other Farm Products

Ontario grown skin and hair care products
We grow a small, curated list of botanicals on our farm in Grimsby, Ontario.  Our select list of botanicals are chosen for their super-charged goodness that centuries of documentation have proven to bring natural radiance and vitality to the skin and hair.  Vauxhall botanicals are, in most cases, the primary ingredient in our original formulations.

Thank you for supporting a more genuine supply chain
We believe that it is the care and attention, from the origins of a plant growing in the field right through to the final packaged product, which allows our botanicals to retain their natural chemistry and deliever it to your skin and hair with exceptional results.

Vauxhall grows botanicals for skin and hair
We have built our business growing and extracting signatures from Calendula, Lavender, Rose Geranium, Helichrysum, Damask Roses and Comfrey.  Of these, we grow only the very, very best and ... crop trials never cease for additions to this list.
Our botanicals are also used as forage by our bees.  This, above all, makes us very happy!


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