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Vendor Profile: Earth + City

Region: Greater Toronto

Category: Local Food Court

Earth and City is an exciting and innovative food company located in Toronto, Ontario. Our menu is all vegan and mainly raw, organic and gluten-free, and is inspired by what's in season.

Our food is inspired and prepared according to the Ontario growing season, so our market menu changes depending on what is available from our local farmers. We use all vegan and mainly raw ingredients and choose organic wherever possible.

We offer a savoury menu full of fresh, plant-based produce from various Ontario farms, seasoned and spiced with bright, rich flavors. Our sweet menu consists of raw nuts, seeds, fresh and dried fruits and natural sweeteners such as agave nectar, maple syrup and honey. Our drink menu is made up of smoothies, fresh juices, and lemonades.

We dehydrate, blend, chop, grate, soak, roast, boil, sprout and mix our ingredients, all of which add to the variety and uniqueness of our food. Above all, we aspire to make simply delicious and healthful food, the same kind of food we love to eat and enjoy.



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Certification: Ethically sustainable production methods